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Saturday, February 06, 2010

My husband and i, are relieved now! The issue that came up was that PayPal had stopped personal payments to and from India, which is why they're reversing payments to our senders and need us to request them to select the goods or services option, along with our address. But, how can they do this without notifying us prior to the action because most of us had got most of our accounts messed up with negative balances(at least not mine, at the moment). Why they didn't inform us is a question most of us would definitely like to ask. Below is what they emailed me...


Hello XXXXXXX ahmed,

Your payment of XXX has been sent back to the sender of the payment.

We reversed this payment because we have stopped allowing personal payments to be sent to or from India.

If this was a payment for a purchase of goods or services, and not a personal payment, then you may contact the buyer and have him or her resend the payment as follows: (a) click the Send Money tab, (b) select "Goods," and (c) provide a shipping address.

If this payment was a personal payment such as a gift, then we have requested that the sender find another payment method until we restore personal payments to and from India.

We are trying to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and we're sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you,



For me i am lucky i had just one payment from a single sender revered (my latest link advertiser) whom resolved my issue within an hour on emailing them. I thank them for being cooperative. I would like to thank my hubby dear who figured out details with his sharp mind and helped me solve the issue instantly. The best part was that they reversed mine even after my bank transaction was complete which means, while we were waiting for our amount to get credited, it had already been reversed, and a stupid me didn't bother to check up my mails or even my PayPal. Had i checked earlier.. i wouldn't find myself panicking for nothing.. hehe

Thank god they have no issue with the other 'paid to review' websites i work with because i noticed the payments remained intact. My concern is now for other PayPal users from India. PayPal will guide you on what you need to do if your payments are reversed too. Need any help call on me.. :-)


  1. Bluedreamer said...
    i wonder what's the real cause and they had to stop sending payment to or from India??
    bluecrystaldude said...
    That was weird. The email doesn't even stated why they stopped the payments to India. It's a good thing they reversed it though :)

    Happy Sunday Nisha!
    bluecrystaldude said...
    Yeah! I can finally post my comment! :)
    Nisha said...
    Bluedreamer.. they now tell us its the verification of Indian accounts which has caused them to suspend payments! too bad for us and hope they restore things asap.. :-)

    Bluedude.. thanks, i don't know why you couldn't comment! But now we got lots of work to do to try convincing our advertisers to re-send our payments the way Google prefers! :-)
    melandria said...
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