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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Loved attending the wedding

Last evening i attended the wedding of one of my cousins, and loved being there evey moment to witness the happnings of this beautiful occassion after years. I am so happy for Samual who wed sarah, now his beautiful wife and wish them all the best for their future. Pssst... i've hardly being visiting many of my relatives and family, i guess staying away to suprise them, one day... the surprise would be out soon withen a year so fingers crossed!

Alisha enjoyed a lot there and though she has been to many indian weddings, this was her first time going for a christian wedding which i'm sure she was enjoying and was delighted at all the dancing and games going on there. Indian wedings are very diffrent compared to christian/english weddings and am lucky to have always been a part of both. I was just a little awkward to hit the dance floor wearing traditional indian instead of western (which i hardly wear) and not b'coz i dont know to dance, but do it only at home shying away from doing it (dancing) in public! :)


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