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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have chosen Ne-Yo for this weeks music monday because it reminds of my younger sister, who is studying away at the boarding school and i really miss her so bad. Memories of her singing this song when i met her during Christmas, always come to my mind. So folks... enjoy one in a million... and have a happy MM and a great week ahead :)

This is for you Amanda (mandy) :)

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  1. LadyJava said...
    oh i love this song..
    Happy MM!
    bluedreamer27 said...
    i love this entry too...
    this is one of my favorite NeYo songs
    thanks for sharing Nisha
    Happy MM
    Namz said...
    is grooving :) Happy MM!
    Nisha said...
    Thanks Ladyjava.. love your visits here :)
    Nisha said...
    Most welcome Blue.. this is my sisters latest favorite, i guess... :)
    Nisha said...
    Namz.. so glad i could get you to groove :)

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