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Saturday, January 01, 2011

First of all, a very happy and prosperous new year to everyone. Thank god i got time to write a quick post before the day is over. It was quite a happy-tough day having fever, yet trying my best to enjoy the day with family. I didn't spent at home today and instead of celebrating at home i preferred going out and i enjoyed thoroughly! If only i had felt better, but in-spite of it i enjoyed, so... now though we have already bid goodbye to a happy/sad year 2010 i still like to reminisce in the same year b'coz the year was an excellent one which gave me hardly any moments to ponder on or feel sad about. I feel happy knowing i have new hopes for year 2011 which god would surely make true again. But i still cant still believe 2010 is over, i was so happy basking in the glory of its giving's :)

Last year, (feels sad to mention it was last year) the month of jan and feb saw me making moolahs like hell. I was enjoying making alot of money online but my health was getting worse and neglected myself which lead to a health problem. I am still under treatments which is the reason for fevers! i shall be fit soon once am done with the treatments. rest will update soon... gtg :)


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