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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A beautiful pearl ring...

I am so into gemstones these days i have been through most of the websites online to enlighten me on the topic, and astrology! I so love been drawn into astrology to know about myself and my close ones. Never a day goes by without me knowing how'd the day or the following day would pass by if i were to leave everything to the stars. If it were luck to come my way or love for that matter! hehe... i dont know what pleasure i get by reading my horoscope daily, but i do... i do... so religiously! I guess most of us do :)

I'll soon be writing a huge post cuz am so interested to spread the word... and also about my experiences while living with tuberculosis for a year! Dealing with the 'killer' wasn't so easy and it was all for my careless negligence towards my health, but since i've been cured of tuberculosis i am so happy and relieved for myself and my family. I'm more than ever thankful and grateful to God and all my loved ones who had been with me throughout this tough phase of life. I specially thank all my well wishes who were aware of my ailment and had wished and prayed for my recovery when i was almost giving up hope on myself... but most of all i thank my hubby who supported me through it all. God has been very gracious to me and i believe he will keep showering his blessings and love upon me and my family. All destined by the stars!



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