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Friday, June 03, 2011

Today is a very exciting and happy day for me as its a day ive been anticipating since ages, a day to forget and forgive and let go of all past memories.. a day to embark on a fresh and new journey trying my best to be happy from now on and always and forever.. trying my best to forget the bitter past.. what is life with feelings harbored and grudges held for the people who dont really care, infact dint care from the beginning, and so its time to sweep aside all the fears and hard feelings for people who are are not my own.

I'm tired of tiresome workload in my mind, and i want to leave it all somewhere in a faraway place where bitter memories wont find me again. I want to let bygones be bygones, coz am aware there is nothing worth not letting go which is an infestation in my mind and doesn't deserve a place in my life, even if it is just some memories of the past.

today i may be blank and wondering what it would be if supposed... but its always Gods will for whatever happens in our lives. He only knows best why....


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