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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The beginning of last year didn't take off well but by mid year, it took such a twist i couldn't believe my stars coz there was no looking back from then on... there was genuine happiness and fulfillment of lots of my wishes. I deem it as one of the best years and hope i follow up on the same ride this year. But i can see myself already on the same roller coaster ride this year too! The start was terrible, i encountered a lot of difficulties in calming myself for any small matter that cropped up, there were conflicts with a lot people and i'm still in a bad frame of mind since the robbery at my place while i was away on vacation. I'm now wondering with all the happenings whether July would bring me luck for everything, coz wealth no matter how much a person can have, he may only be rich by his achievements and fulfillment of establishing satisfying relationships. I am rich by family and close ones support, my husband and kids are more to me than anything. And i can already see lady luck flying in on me! :)


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