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Monday, November 07, 2011

Dont know why my senses not working cant seem to write anything, lost my inspiration to write poetry and its not a feel good thing at all! :( I don't think i could put anymore effort into making others happy draining whatever i have left of me! Its not worth, its just pointless when you're not going to get appreciated in return!

Why do people you give your whole self to, never want to appreciate it in the first place but do expect lot more?

Once again we're on November, the month that was always special to me for some reasons unmentionable here but i can only hope this year which i didn't expect would be pain and nothing more will bring me some happiness before we bid farewell into a new year!

Lot of hopes and expectations, as well as wishes and dreams kept away in some corner of my sad and lonely heart and here is where i put it to words.. but i guess what is supposed to be, will be... we cant control anything at all just put our best, and God sees to the rest.


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