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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Haha ... just posting this song coz i was remembering the argument between my elder and younger sis, while this song was playing on tele and i'm like just enjoying giggling (i do a lot) coz i belong to both gens! lolsss.. we three sisters are just few years apart.. ;-)

Elder sis- what your listening to? "na na na, whats my name?" she has nothing else to ask? what a rubbish and meaningless song Mandy, have some taste for music...

Mandy- yeah yeah, you listen to "hello, is it me your looking for? who would look out for him, so boring! laughing...

Sis- At least its meaningful, not like what Rihanna sings! na na, what does na na mean? and has she forgotten her name? bang her on her head she'll rem, and she has no dressing sense, see her red hair and shorts, sheeesh! and she croaks!

Mandy- There is a deep meaning behind those words.. and that's called fashion! not like oldies dressing!

So much more, and i couldn't giggle anymore, my cheeks were about to fall of when i intervene, and the peacemaker that i am, i say... OK, i agree with both of you, both gens have equally beautiful and meaningful music, now stop pulling each others legs" thus, the end of a pillow fighting battle of words! hehe

Hope you enjoy the song and have a happy MM folks :-)

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  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    LOL @ Rihanna forgot her name hahaha
    Happy MM Nisha and Have a great day to you

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