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Monday, November 07, 2011

Have you heard of crestor and its side effects? It was marketed by AstraZeneca to treat high cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease, and in case you have been a victim of crestor who has no one to turn to to fight your case. Your are not alone, for its very easy to file a Crestor lawsuit these days. You must have known by now the side effects caused by crestor like serious injuries and heart attacks! It is not considered a preventive drug despite being approved Crestor to prevent cardiovascular events by the FDA. But a petition was filed against the FDA in 2004 by a consumer advocacy group, against the use of crestor and for its removal from the market because pf its serious life threatening side effects. Cardiomyopathy (deterioration of the myocardium), rhabdomyolysis (breakdown of muscle fibers), and ventricular dysfunction are a few side effects caused by the use of this drug. The Lancet, wrote an article criticize the tactics of introducing the drug in the market as well a data supporting its efficacy. So file your crestor lawsuit now!


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