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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

have you been to jaipur?wow i just loved the amazing city which is famous for architectural marvels like the majestic city palace, the splendid jantar mantar, the glorious hawa mahal, the history laced amer fort, jaigarh fort and nahargarh fort...
these being a few tourist spots we roamed,jaipur was fasinating and left it my most memorable holidaying trip ever...

travelling though the city,shopping for jewellery and handlooms were also breath taking experiences because you usually dont get those open spaces with greenery all over and beautifully crafted pieces here in my city! i wanted to pick each of the sparkling beauties i laid my eyes upon but i guess as they say.. never be back home, my husband and kid, loved the city as much as me and we will be back in the city soon... jaipur a most loved destination? what do you feel?

below ill show you what made it my most loved city...

hawa mahal:

this hawa mahal is a major landmark and a famous tourist attraction of Jaipur, known as the palace of winds.. the air circulation through windows represents the marvelous touch of mughal designing, which keeps the Palace always cool and as we walked up towards the top most, cool breeze form the tiny windows seemed as if there were giant fans! lovely experience there

but as a matter of fact, hawa mahal is believed to have been built for the women of the royal families since they had to observe strict purdah(cover).the small windows and screened balconies serve the women to watch processions and different activities taking place on the this manner the women could enjoy a sense of freedom without showing themselves.. isnt that what history says?

city palace:

The city palace complex gives you an idea about the farsightedness and its museum displays some of the most imposing and magnificent architecture, art and craft display here are a wide array of royal costumes, some very exquisite and precious Pashmina (Kashmiri) Shawls, Benaras silk saris, Sanganeri prints and folk embroidery.then you have in other parts of the museum some clothes worm by our maharajas and weapons used by them..

one weapon,remarkable amongst them is scissor-action dagger.this deadly weapon when thrust in bodies the handles were release to spread the blades and the dagger was then withdrawn tearing limb from limb of the body of the hapless victim until he died!! now thats what i call torture and what do you call it?


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