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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

have you ever wondered whats inside the taj mahal.. what do the beautiful carvings on the tombs walls look like or even close ups of the taj?? i have been there in person, now you do so by viewing the pictures to know.

Jharokhas on the walls of the Taj Mahal

Floral motifs and carvings on the marble walls of the Taj

One of the main Mazhars within the Taj

One of the four Minarets that stand on the four corners of the Taj

Inlay Work with Precious Stones on the Walls of the Taj

Base of one of the Four Minarets of the Taj

Inscriptions and Inlay work on the walls of the Taj

Geometrical patterns on the walls of the Taj

Main Gateway to the Taj


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    Aayush Bhatnagar said...
    wah taj !

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