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Sunday, August 09, 2009

note: the pics are of last year 2008

The monsoon rains have yet again caused us a whole lot of losses in health and wealth matters. Alisha is sick again with a cold, cough and loose motions because after spending the days out at my sisters place for the past one week, the water and weather changes there didn't suit her. Infact its also me who is having these splitting severe headaches at the right side of my head. Am doubting its due to an internal cold and i've yet to visit a doctor. Alisha's on meds now, we checked her up and she'll be all right soon.

Not only me and my kid but many others have been going through this and its quite normal but we must take extra care to ensure there is nothing else other than just normal viral fever..

Money wise its been tough when there are disturbances in the internet connection, and we as bloggers miss out on posts. I guess each and every internet user wont be facing the same thing because there are plenty of net options available these days but using the broadband surely bugs!

Not only is the net a problem but the roads also turn slushy and water clogs areas of city making it difficult for commuters to go about from place to place for work. It also makes it difficult for school kids who travel by buses, autos etc.. to be present at school regularly.

We blame it all to the monsoons, yet we love the rains and all its pleasures it provides us with! think about it :-)

Updated: this is not a post based on any of the flood(only the floods) incidents that happened this year but along the years..


  1. Ardy said...
    God help this country. We need prayers in times like these....God bless you.
    bluedreamer27 said...
    oh my felt pity for the victims
    here in our country too we experience series of typhoons
    coolingstar9 said...
    I feel ready sad hearing that your area has the bad weather. This cause a lot of problems to residents there.
    Sincerely hope that the bad situation can be over quickly and life can be back to normal.
    Please take good care of you and the lovely Alisha and all family members. Best wishes from coolingstar9
    nancy said...
    such a horrible scene! im sorry this has to happen in your place. hope u'll get over with the bad weather soon.

    stay safe!
    omsai said...
    i had seen your blog it s really nice i also invite you to visit my blog

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