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Friday, August 28, 2009

Remember the good old times when our grand fathers transistors came in much use to us as kids because we got to listen to the radio and all it offered? and am going back in the 80's and before, when the gramophone, the piano and the violin satisfied our hearing senses in place of what we now have in the form of Dvd's.

The good old times would never be irreplaceable but what about our stuff that we used to put way in boxes once we deemed it as "not in a condition to work"? well am talking about our electronics we use and throw or put them away as we tend to purchase and use the products once out in the market, as the years go by. It's a human tendency to keep replacing old with new, and with what technology has offered from the yesteryear's till today, its obviously irresistible to keep our senses away from technologies magical and tempting offerings! hehe..

Am sure many of you have encountered the frustration of dumping old stuff because if you dint have an attic, a basement or backyard, what would you do, where would you keep those items to rest? Coming to the main point, now you'll never need to worry as to where to stack your broken electronic devices because has come to your rescue by offering to buy and sell your old, unused and broken electronics. Isn't it nice, that they also buy laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, video games, gaming consoles and all your other items like jewelery and books.. and all in an instant offer!

They actually don't buy your items but instead, search your quote from a network of buyers looking for exactly for the type of product you are selling. You just got to complete the appropriate form and the info is delivered by the site to the buyers, well as the buying quotes are delivered directly to you. Not only one, but multiple buyers are enabled to view your products so you are ensured the best quote possible. It's easy as written and when you know you will profit in cash for your trash, head over to know more quickly.. :-)



  1. AngelBaby said...
    Wow, what a great idea, I will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing this.

    I am sorry I haven't been by, I have been so busy and time does get away from me so I don't always get to everything I want to. I will try to come by more often because I really do enjoy your site.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love and Blessings,
    Mystique Earth said...
    It is true. I agree with your sentiments about the old technology. I still have some old transistors, amplifiers & a gramaphone. It is antique but not working anymore. Still it is difficult to send it to the junkyard due to the memories attached to them.

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