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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Golf has always been a part of India, like cricket. People here love this noble sport of pleasure and not only the calcuttans(the people of my city), but even people from other cities never leave out a game of golf at the Golf Green Club, Tollygunge, whether on a business or leisure trip to Calcutta! I know not only the people of my city but people world wide love to indulge in this timeless and noble sport..

I would also like to tell you that this sport is of-course very popular in primary winters in Germany. I would, without doubt, always recommend a player of golf vacationing most preferably in winters, to a place more warmer and greener, to a place like Germany where a golfer would feel a Golfkurs Platzreife an ideal preparation especially days ahead of his local golf season in his city.

A golfer no matter how professional can take up the Golfkurse . These golf courses can help a player excel in this sport and are available as a weekly course or over a long weekend, spread out over extended periods, or to book only a few hours with a Pro.

The main aim of this German site is to help you learn the tips and tricks in seven courses so you must head of at once to know more. You may want to shop locally but shopping at their online golf shop would get you one of the relevant bill and warranty from the manufacturer dependent. More info about what can be purchased at the Golf shop , visit there right now!


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