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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today is a better day, much relieved from stress and tensions as i move into my new home. Almost the whole of yesterday i was under the covers shivering and having body aces due to fever, and am not the one to fuss about doctors knowing it was just the stress factor and i would be back to normal the next day which i am, today. Just about managed to update the celeb blog and visit my friends at facebook! Yeah, not a day i can do without facebook no matter what state i am in.. :-)

Anyway, today we begin our new life.. the kids are adjusting to a new environment and they're enjoyed this spacious home we are in at the present. Alisha was missing her old home when she realized the cable Tv wasn't on, but hopefully the cable guy would transfer the old line here today in a few hours. I plan to purchase a shyshop(direct TV) very soon so no more dependency on the cable guys. Oh, and they're more close to my brothers place so they are very happy for two reasons, first they love their uncle and second they love playing with his dog, a Labrador! Hes a very intelligent dog, and Alisha says, "My Tyson, nice Tyson" while she pets and plays with him.. haha.. that's amazingly cute, ha? I'm still to post about her 3rd birthday party where she's wearing the princess dress i told you about weeks ago. :-)

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  1. ladyviral said...
    Facebook... is the new addiction :/

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