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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today, i've blushed purplish red after quite some time and i give the entire credit to Pradeep, the successful author of This tech blogger and engineering student knows how to balance between his blogging and being one of the friendliest bloggers in the blogosphere. He shares great posts from blogging tips and hacks to tutorials and reviews, and lots of other tech stuff. If people should need any info, they could look forward to a friendly smiling Pradeep who is always willing to help out with his beneficial tips, along with his influential thoughts..

Pradeep has written a special post about the female commenters of his blog and its really so sweet of him to appreciate their time and support in an manner most cherishable. This reminds me of the posts i used to write at 'special blogger friends' which is above in the nav bar where i would write special posts about my blog friends, thanking them and appreciating their support and love. Its a long time i haven't written, not even posted the awards as i've been quite acting clumsily on this blog, neglecting it a bit now and then. Not even writing about Alisha! missed out her birthday and posting her pics.. :(..

Anyway, this post Femle commenters who had commented on hellbound bloggers, has touched me so deeply and will help to boost up my blogging because facebook and family takes up all my time. Pradeep thinks am the coolest mom, and i guess coz i love sharing light moments while interacting with my buddies and since he has deemed my blog as one of his favorite, i must, must, pep up and give back to my appreciative readers what they truly deserve. :-)

I wish him all the very best in life and may he tough unseen heights in blogging and every possible way, and this comes from the core of my heart for this buddy of mine :-)


  1. S.Pradeep Kumar said...
    Thanks a ton Nisha! :) :)

    Kind of you to allocate a entire post for me... ;)

    My best wishes for your blog's success! Kudos... :) :)

    Say "Hi" to Alisha and Aryan! :D

    Stay Connected.. :) Have a great life.. :)
    Spices of Life said...
    oi.. i love this song to.. make me dance tuloy....

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