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Friday, November 13, 2009

My yahoo mail seems to get on my nerves past few days, for barely i login and try to read a mail, i get singed out. Either session expires or i need to type in my password for security reasons. The problem is, it happens only with one of my mails ID, the main one! I just don't know what to do coz i'm not able to read imp mails, and neither reply.

I did contact yahoo and they said the issue was of notice and would clear up within hours but it's days now and am worried if i don't to read to mails i'll be in quite a soup. What am i to do, what am i to do.. some frustrating moments of yahoo mail here..

I guess many of you know what's going on in this heart of mine, it's pounding twice as harder fearing some virus attack but even if that isn't the problem, coz i have a anti pro and am careful, but when will this get solved!!?? I think yahoo mails teasing me but it's too much ya, it's the limits! I need to get this working soon..

Who else is going through this?? let me know in the comment box..


  1. ladyviral said...
    Might want to change your password... you might got spywares.. that logs you out and start sending random links to your contacts.
    bluedreamer27 said...
    oh nisha i experienced the same thing here
    here, i made a post about this hope this will help you too

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