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Friday, December 04, 2009

We are 22 days to go since Christmas and its no more early to talk about it. This Christmas it going to be even merrier as things happen to improve at home with more opps(paid reviews) than last year when the recession hit us... lol.. its another thing i wasn't paid by some company's which of course i'll have to forget about the money from them coz i feel they have cheated us bloggers of our time and honesty. I know most bloggers have become aware of this and i do feel sad for them. With Christmas nearing doesn't mean am going to forgive and forget, no, we are definitely going to do something but let Christmas pass off in the right spirit.

These little disappointments wont let the spirit of Christmas out of my heart for i will still celebrate merrily with wine and cake... and rose cookies and other delicious feasts as we all gather together(our family) to enjoy Christmas!

My Alisha will be in her senses this year, i mean she'll be able to understand what is Christmas better than last year and will be so excited when we go shopping. She'll want all the pretty frocks in the malls and mamma and papa will turn bankrupt! he he..

See you all for now.. let me know your Christmas plans :-)

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  1. ladyviral said...
    I can feel the christmas spirit too! Oh I am so eager for it ^_^.

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