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Sunday, April 18, 2010

These days i'm tying to explore new sites as being away from blogging for a lengthy time means that i've missed out on all the newest sites lounged during the time. One of my friends told me to join, a blog directory, forum and they also host contests but only for Indians! They look time to approve this blog but i was shocked to see i already ranked 74/100 on the first day of being approved. This hints to me that my blog, no matter how old and sometimes not updated, is yet in tune with blogging :)

I also came across many blogs which i've bookmarked to read later on. Many of them have carved a successful niche for themselves in the blog-world. Wonder where i will be a year from now? ;)

Oh yeah, if you are not able to read the posts due to the tiny font then please let me know, i will change it. I recently shifted to chrome so my blogs looks weird! its best viewed in Mozilla :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Indibloggers' directory is where I first found Indian bloggers too :)
    And blogging is so interactive, it's no fun to write unless there's lots to read from other bloggers :)
    Angels in my Life said...
    sounds nice, good for you, you have the lot of time to explore new blogs..good luck...
    bluedreamer27 said...
    oh that's nicew, we also have Filipino community of bloggers here and it really helps me to find more Filipino here in the blogosphere!
    have a great day and happy blogging Nisha
    Anonymous said...

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