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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Too tried today as we did house cleaning and found cockroaches in a corner we dont use! one popped up and little Alisha jumped to her feet and fled to the other room and covering herself with a sheet, she asked me "Cockroach gone away, mama?". I scared her a little more and said "no", lol.. she was almost in tears and screams so i told her the roach has gone to its mother to have its milk! haha.. she then relaxed herself and started her monkey tricks once again...

Talking about my baby after so long, i feel like writing away, but i have less time and may write again in a new post soon. Shes growing up so sweetly and is lightening up my life every second of each day especially when pneumonia is not easy to live with.

She wished me for 'mothers day', and asked for her birthday gift! can you take that? hhaha.. got to go now :)


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