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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank god i am now able to view blogspot blogs on all my browsers because earlier i wasn't able to. Though having access to my dashboard and creating/editing posts weren't a problem but then i couldn't view the resulting blog. I couldn't even view my fellow bloggers blogspot blogs and i guess they're upset with me now ;)

I tried everything like deleting my browsers cache/cookies and even scanning for any virus i thought had been the culprit but all in vain. luckily a Google forum discussing the same issue came to my aid and i guess thats why they say 'Google for solutions' and you will surely find one! ;) Anyway, i just changed my DNS address to what was suggested by someone on the Google forums and viola! The sites which peeved me to hell since three days finally did open! I always feel like a genius when i solve issues on the internet... )

I guess maybe the whole or some parts of India only faced these problems and esp the irritated Reliance customers. If you landed here searching for the same i hope Google can help you too :)


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