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Thursday, August 23, 2007

my baby, Alisha, turned 10 months on the 18Th.. shes begun to throw tantrums like anything.i snatch away something shes not supposed to have.. my cutie throws herself back flat on the mattress and lies waiting for us to take her up!

shes still crawling ans sitting for the whole of this month and getting too inquisitive about everything around.wants to know whats cooking and what we eat,for eg.. pulls at the vessels and the food stuffs.

her sleep timing are opposite to mine..she sleeps, i work! i sleep.. she works on bullying her elder brother and digging and poking her little finger into our eyes!

her diet is the same as last month but added some veggies like carrots etc and she loves to eat her food which is made of dal,rice,potatoes and carrots all boiled and pureed for her to be able to swallow.indroducing egg yolk soon..

i was applying lipstick and i didn't realize my sweetie was applying eye liner on her lips too!! i screamed my lungs out and cleaned her up.shes invented a new make up.. eye liner for lips! hehehe...

come back for more updates of alisha.. shes gods blessing to me and am proud and happy to share her growth and innoncent doings with my readers..


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