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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

taking into view the recent happenings of orkut... one would tend to think a million times before posting personal information like phone numbers,pics,adds etc but i dont see any precautions yet being taken by our fellow orkutians! they dont realize that its like getting ourselves thrown from a frying pan into the fire! on orkut... u can even get to know what one was wearing the previous night in bed too! as stated by one of our friends(grinning...)

personal info about others can be easily tracked through the scraps itself and the problems lies in the public viewing of our whole profile where as in other profiles sites one can restrict public viewing.orkut should do something for this.. what do you think?

recently we hear that a murder of a mumbai girl who fell in love with this guy and just few months of meeting on the net they finally met for the first and last time in reality coz she was murdered by him! the guy i dont know if he got scot free or not... his profile still gets the worlds abuses from others users and the girl so much sympathy, but its sad that shes now no more...

another incident of a girl using a guys number to tarnish his image for her own pleasure.the guy used to get harassed day in and day out which was why he did decided to move to police... dont know what was her fate though..

creating multiples accounts esp having someones elses info on it... daily there are plenty of people who are being victimized by some good for nothing nut head...

its a network for meeting our lost friends and has already got so many lost souls in touch with each other... enjoy and let others enjoy too!

serious orkutians use the network wisely.. and orkut could rock!

others just take a flight right out of orkut!! dont try to harm others, you will land up in jail for stupidity.


  1. Rajeev said...
    yeah right!
    I hate to put up pics in my album on Orkut! :D
    I wish there was a way to delete all my scraps! damn! I have 15000 + scraps, i cant sit and delete them all now! :(

    peace & love
    nisha said...
    oh my god.. thats to many to delete! i think its unsafe for both genders nowdays.. gone are the days when only women were always targeted.. these days, men too!!
    Anonymous said...
    Actually..orkut can really land people in trouble ! Here is mumbai..schoolchildren were warned for having posted some bad stuff about the school and the staff.
    Girls are still more their pics can be morphed and posted on the internet on sites.
    I know a girl who got victimized like this.
    Its sad.
    WaLkIn dEAtH.......... said...
    Aye thats true......
    The world isnt safe anymore....
    (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...
    yep, orkut is becoming the next MySpace (if you are familiar with it). MySpace caused a lot of havoc in this part of the world.

    I am always very cautious in orkut.

    There is a way to actually make profiles private, you can set each thing so that it will or will not be viewed to "everyone", "friends" or "me"
    nisha said...
    ayush ur right about girls and they do need to be extra careful.. i was just saying that now days even boys are being targeted.

    hmmm raaji i dont think one can hide the scraps.isnt it? i know myspace.. have an account on it too but this orkut, its like so open.

    i feel people can be sensible enough not to give out personl info on their scraps itself coz they have the option of others msngrs and even gtalk but they do tend to always make the mistake.

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