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Friday, August 10, 2007

Bouquet in Hand Craft

This is a simple paper craft made from a child's hand print, paint or markers, and construction makes a great gift for a birthday or Mother's Day and mommy needs nothing but her kids to love, in this world.. for whatever she possesses comes from her kids.. ask me?

daddies... this is to be under your guidance, for if you want to see mommy dear happy.. you got to get your kid do something for that special day, in her life!

remember, mothers day can be a celebration thought the year! show your love and care every day! come back for more crafts and kids info..

Supplies needed: A piece of light-colored construction paper (white, pale blue, pale yellow, or other colors) - for the background
One piece of skin-colored construction paper - for the hand
Crayons, markers or paint and brushes
Optional: colorful construction paper for the flowers (or flowers can be drawn with markers)

Trace the child's hand on a piece of skin-colored paper. Cut along the lines.

On a new piece of paper, glue the palm of the hand to the lower left part of the paper -- DO NOT glue the fingers down.

Using green tempera paint, a crayon, or marker, draw the stems of the flowers. Start each stem on the hand, and have it go towards the center of the paper (make sure to leave room for the flowers).

Roll the fingers of the paper hand over the palm and the stems of the flowers, and glue the fingertips onto the palm (this will make the hand look as though it is holding the bouquet of flowers).
If you like, have the hand show the American Sign Language sign for "I love you," which has the only the ring finger and the middle finger folded and glued down

Draw flowers and leaves on the stems -- or glue on flowers made from colorful construction paper.
You now have a bouquet that is great for a birthday or Mother's Day.


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