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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What is telepathy?

Is telepathy a natural phenomenon? is everyone telepathic? what can a person do to increase telepathic ability? how can telepathy help you in your everyday life? theae are some of the questions i ask myself and probably every person who has had medium experiences at any point of time in their lives...

telepathy may be defined as the transfer of physical, emotional or mental energy, or a combination of these, from one living being to another without physical contact.something got to do with our minds through which we feel we can transfer our thoughts to another persons mind!

all of us are telepathic.each of us have this ability developed to a greater or lesser degree but some are more conscious of this ability than others.all of us have telepathic experiences nearly every day, usually without even realizing it.

have you ever had the occasion to say “I was just thinking that” when someone was speaking? or has anyone ever said to you “You must be psychic.i was just thinking that”? have you ever had the foreboding feeling that something was wrong, to discover later that someone in your family or a dear friend was in need of help? have you ever been close to someone who was very nervous and found that you also become nervous? these types of experiences are usually telepathic in nature.for most of us these experiences occur with someone who is close to us like a good friend, mate, lover, brother or sister, and especially one’s child.

i have been through numerous experiences myself but what i take interest in most, the real life experiences of other people...

I dreamed about the 9/11 terrorist attack before it really happened a year later. But I didn't understand what it was about. All I can tell you is that I was in this plane with these foreign people and we were fighting to stop them because they said they were going to crash us in a building. The plane was going down and it crashed in a building. And I was scared, it seem so real, it felt so real. And when we got close, before we crashed, I saw the building. I said to myself that I saw that building before, then it hit me, that's the Pentagon. I couldn't believe it. There was fire and smoke everywhere. And in my dream I couldn't understand why these men would kill us plus themselves. I thought these people were crazy, insane, or stupid. To take their lives and for what reason? It didn't make no sense to me.

Then I was in another plane fighting these people again and the plane went down in a field some place. Before that we heard on the radio that 2 planes crashed in to the twin towers. I didn't know what that meant because I'm not a real smart person anyway. At the time, I thought I had to tell someone. But I didn't know who these people were, and where these events were taking place. I thought this had to be a crazy dream. I mean, who would take their own lives for no reason.

But when I came out of my dream, I was shook up, it seem so real. When this happened for real, I couldn't believe it. I really dreamed a future event that came true and it all made sense what that dream was about. It upsets me because God or some spirit or angel came to me to warn someone to save lives, probably, and I didn't. I thought it might have been just a crazy dream. And if I did people wouldn't believe me. They would say "Oh that's just a dream".

a true story of a person who resides in the united states...have you anything to say too?


  1. Nitin Joshi said... too had this feeling many times...but never had visions as big as 9/11.
    PS:when i started reading, i thought its ur true story!;)
    (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...
    very informative :)
    I think we all have this gift, its just about discovering oneself.

    My sister got this craze of enhancing her telepathic skills once, but after predicting wrong things for a month or so, she finally calmed down. Poor girl failed miserably :)
    Navin said...
    interesting.. i call it, premonition. It happens everyday to everyone and they don't really care about it and when it happens. 'ahh.. i had feelings about it.. '

    Once, i was sick, very sick.. and at one dream, i was in the middle of steep cliff(like stallon in cliff hanger-the movie), i could barely stand there but i stood out. I saw a demon like face, riding in a bull and coming straight towards me from the sky.. (it was so horrific when i still recall that dream). With all the energies gathered, i hit that bull's forehead with my fist(my fist became exorbitantly enlarged while hitting, dunno why?). The bull along with that horrible guy fell down in vain, and i woke up. After a week, i felt good and started to recover slowly. And, now, i'm perfectly okay. Whenever i tell this to people, they say, that i had met my death in dream. I fought with death and am alive now.

    so, nisha, you know? premonition and telepathy. they are different things i guess. i just shared my story about premonition to you.

    telepathy?? it is there for sure, we human bare notice it as you wrote

    (PS:- on my blog, i just put your link and hope you'd do to yours as well as title ' Mero Guff ' , regards
    Aayush Bhatnagar said...
    pretty interesting post ! :) forces me to think ! :)
    productman said...
    Telepathy is often associated with other paranormal phenomena, such as precognition, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis.
    Telepathy occurs when a telepath obtains paranormal knowledge about what the state of another person's mind will be in the future.

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