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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Being a mother to 17 month, pretty baby Alisha, was always so enjoyable.I dont remember a terrifying moment before, but just a few days a ago, baby was down with fever since the morning.Later in the evening due to a high temperature rise, she suffered a fever convulsion.. I did not know what to do then because i hadn't seen anything like that in my entire life.. And to see it happening to my baby, almost killed me.She was rushed her to hospital but till then the convulsion ceased and the doctor said everything was fine, so not to worry.I know you're curious to know what happened.. so read below, please...

Alisha was playing on my lap when all of a sudden i felt her muscles pull and her head began to drop, she was like shaking and jerking uncontrollably.Then i saw her eyes turn up too.She wasn't even breathing properly.. Oh my god! I was trembling all the while, i couldn't see her in that state.. Those moments were very disturbing and i will have to care for her even much more to ensure she doesn't develop a high temperature in the future since the convulsion occurred due to the rise of high temperature and is quite a common thing in toddlers aged 6 months to kids aged 6 years.During this period we parents have to be on high alert for the slightest symptoms of fever, to prevent its recurring to a child who had it before.

I wish no parent should experience anything like this ever.. Its not an uncommon thing and theres no risk as such to the child but when you see your child suffering something, like a fit.. It feels so devastating and horrifying!! Now baby is doing quite fine and under medications and sooon she will be fit and fine.

This post was mainly to create awareness and provide information to parents around the world.. i hope i could do my part on this:)

Time for tips and advice..
Some very important notes i would like to put here for parents who dont have an idea about what is a convulsion, its symptoms and how to prevent it from happening to your baby.

Its a kind of fit or seizure which happens without warning mostly due to a temperature rise.But a number of cases are due to digestive disturbances, by over-feeding.Many cases result from the suppression of skin eruptions.If someone in your family has already been through it, then history could repeat itself.

Read the whole of the above to know my experience with it.The child will become unconscious or unaware of their surroundings.There will be movements in their arms in a twitching manner.Their eyes may roll back and have difficulty breathing.The child will fall, if standing, and may pass urine.May vomit and may bite his tongue.The child may not be breathing, and may begin to turn blue.

Firstly try your best not to panic and stay with your child, as the child needs your whole attention now.Note of how long the convulsion lasts.Dont put anything in its mouth or try to stop the convulsion by pressing the baby.Place them on their side with a rolled towel behind them for support.Loosen tight clothing especially from around the neck.Now focus your attention on bringing the fever down by applying cool washcloths to the forehead and neck and sponge the rest of the body with lukewarm(not cold) water.After one to three minutes the child will begin breathing normally again.Seek medical attention at its earliest, please dont take for granted.

I would love to read your comments, so please feel free to share anything that comes to your mind after you read this post..


  1. waliz said...
    oh my god nisha..u must be terrified for wht has happened to alisha...! i feel relieved when u said she is ok now...and i wish her to get well soon...

    dont worry nisha...all will be well and ok...u just take care of yourself and alisha...
    nisha said...
    Hi waliz.. that was the worst experience after her birth, but parents should always be prepared for anything.. shes doing quite well now.. thanks for your concern waliz, as always:)
    Sweetiepie said...
    Sorry to hear alisha is sick.How's she doing now?Luckily she is with you at that time.Thanks for the advice.Did she has slight fever before the CONVULSION attack her?Hope she is fully recover now.Take care nisha.
    nisha said...
    Sweetiepie.. i was so nervous at that time.. yeah at the time she had the con, she was having high fever.doc told me that its happens in high fever so always take precaution to keep the fever as slight as possible.. but i never expected it would happen, ever.. shes fine now, thanks god:)

    i wouldnt ever post this, but because i get loads of people searching for baby info and visit my blog:)
    Karen said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Kaz said...
    Hi Nisha
    Well.... I experienced the same thing last week with my 3 yr old son. His temperature must have rocketed during the night (as he has had an upper respitory infection)and had already had a course of antibiotics, but at 5am he had a convulsion. I agree.... it is such a scary thing to have to go through and I am a First Aider, but when it is your own child, it is soooo upsetting!! I am now that worried that it happens again, I am forever checking him when he is sleeping and making sure he is cool all the time!! He got another course of antibiotics the next day after the convulsion and I am hoping that he gets better soon. I hope all is well with you and Alisha now - take care. Karen.
    nisha said...
    Oh thats so terrible, karen.. i can undersatnd whats going on withen you.. it was like the nightmare i hadnt ever imagined could happen because i wasnt aware as it was.. i wasnt prepared for was terrible..

    I know as a mother you are taking care of your child the best way you can.I wish you kid gets well soon without any problems.

    Alisha is in the best of health now:) all thanks to god! and thanks for sharing:)

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