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Sunday, March 30, 2008

April fools day isn't going to be observed tomorrow! ya obviously its not the 1st of april tomorrow.. hehehe see i've already fooled you? no, yes? whatever.. but i still remember the day i played this harmless but mean prank on my hubby.. I gave him salted tea to drink in the morning, for breakfast! There was an actual cup of tea prepared in the kitchen though:) go Here for some more information on April fools day

Coat your family member/friends soap with a transparent nail polish before their shower.. when they try lathering the soap, it wont! hehehe mean one ha?

Confuse your friend/family member by chasing an imaginative fly around the room.. then swap the fly on the couch, grab and swallow it! its just a raisin you'll place there, beforehand..

Glue on the cap of your family members/friends water bottle, shampoo, hair gel etc.. and get them to act like crazy while trying to open the cap!

Reset your family members/friends time piece to one or two hours early of the actual time.

Take your victim’s sweater, turn it inside out and tie knots in the sleeves. Then turn the back the right way (with the sleeves still partly inside out).. Watch them struggle to get their sweater on!

Replace similar pens with caps glued on, with pens that your friends use.

Aprils fools day pranks are meant to taken lightheartedly so be fooled and fool others too!


  1. coolingstar9 said...
    Hi, I am coolingstar9, the fun day is going to come.
    Hope you enjoy APRIL fool day.
    Have a nice week, Nahas.
    bluecrystaldude said...
    I used to have a friend april fooled us with the news that he's already dead! His younger brother came to us that morning and give us a letter. Then, he said that his brother just die in a car accident. I can't forget how angry and furious all of us when he came out and said, "April fool! You just officially being pranked!"

    We seriously need a guideline when it comes to prank others. A death news is not a joke people!

    Owh, just to mention that, my friend was barely alive when leaving our room. lol. An april fool that won't be forgotten.

    PS: miss you around nisha :(

    Sweetiepie said...
    Happy April Fool day!!It's been a long time I haven't got a chance to trick my friends.:)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    hello nisha and you coolingstar and bluecrystal dude as well... oh my i have an important anouncement in my blog sorry nisha for long time no visit here
    have a great day
    nisha said...
    Hi coolingstar the day is over and i did get fooled by bluredreamer:) i think you got fooled too??
    nisha said...
    Bluecrystaldude that was very annoying, am sure about that.. i think it could've killed the life outta me, if i were in your place.. harmless pranks are fair enough

    Miss you too dude:)
    nisha said...
    Sweetiepie.. so you've been fooled at last by bluedreamer:)
    nisha said...
    Bluedreamer so you fooled us all? i wont forget this april fools day ever:)
    A Simple Life said...
    hey nisha! added you to my favorites in technorati too. thanks for adding me ;)

    take care and regards.
    nisha said...
    Thanks (A simple life).. i'll appreciate that:)

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