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Friday, March 28, 2008

My boy Aryan!

This boy is my first kid Aryan at two years, hes 7 years at present but a computer genius withen him. Knows everything from Google searches, to emailing, to registration(of course with some help), profile filling and even chatting... at 7?? Now isn't that amazing?? He is a sensible child and picks up things at the drop of a hat but i do take strict measures to see that there is always foolproof Internet safety.

The thing is that there is an innocent sibling rivalry between him and the younger one, a toddler, and that does tend to take to bullying his younger sis 'Alisha'... I think the world does have this problem or is it just me whose worrying too much??? He does get a bit of spanking for mischievousness but we do try to make his live perfect in every best way we can. Sometimes giving into him and sometimes not for if he never experiences the pain of frustration, he most probably won’t ever develop psychological skills that are crucial for his future happiness... I want the best for him for his future just as any parent would want so.

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  1. aor said...
    It's nice to see pictures of your kids, Aryan and Alisha as well. You're so blessed having healthy, cheerful and brilliant toddlers. Seeing them growing, day after day, is so rewarding as a parent. Closeness and bonding are so much boosted and enhance being with with them most of the time. Wishing you all the best with your family ...

    Thank you so much for dropping by, tagging my site and leaving comments ... Since I'm a newbie to blogging, still have to read and learn how these ranking, traffic enhancement, tagging etc are working ... See you around ...

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