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Friday, March 07, 2008

Wife swap is one of my favourite programmes on TV and i never miss out a week on it.. in fact, sometimes i watch it repeatedly! hehe.. yes your right, its about two wife's who literally swap lives(not bedrooms) with each other for two weeks just to discover how it feels to be in different woman's place. The life she lives, caring for her family, bringing up the kids etc.. in the first week, they have to live by the rules set by the actual wife of the house. In the second week they get to impose the rules, they set, on the family...

Imagine a multimillionaire wife swap lives with a hard working family mom who chops wood 6 hours a day and drives a school bus 5 days a week, to make ends meet! life wasn't a piece of cake for the two.. watch it all on travel and living:)

In one of the episodes, a grandma swaps lives with a young glamorous mom of two. The grandma lives on a farm and looks after her two teen aged grand daughters, but raises them the old fashioned way. No dresses, no make up, no hair color and no low necks too.. the young glamorous mom loves photo sessions in bikinis and clothes that are AS tiny as possible. The best part was when the grandma having to live the life of the young mom for week, had to pose for a photo shoot wearing a bikini!!!! it was hilarious, i tell you! The other glamorous mom had to wake up to cleaning out the farm.. all the mess of stables and all the other animal cages.. she hated it!

Oh my god, i laughed away the whole episode.In the second week they got to impose their rules on the new family and after loads of lashing it out with each other, they learnt from the experience and for the better:) The grandma got a bit lenient and the glamorous mom got a bit stricter as she didn't care even when her daughter wasn't going to school. But after the swap, she did care..

so have you watched the show too? what are your opinions about the whole thing? i am so curious now!!:)


  1. Sweetiepie said...
    I don't think i am gonna to swap to another family.I can't take others family rules..hehe!before i like to watch this show but now I think this show is abit too drama.:)
    nisha said...
    I agree that the show has too much of drama in the form of their emotions and dialogues.. yet i love to watch it because, it there wasnt any drama, then no fun! hehe

    I wouldnt want to swap lives too!! just watching them is enough to imagine myself in others places;)
    bluecrystaldude said...
    Haha.. I watched this couple times. Fun, but I also not interested to join this sort of show. lol

    Have a great weekend nisha!

    waliz said...
    hi Nisha..i watched this show too but i always missed it because of my tight schedule...i think its ok just for the fun of it but its not practical in real life...i dont think anybody would want to change their family even for 1 day! especially when u r so comfortable wth your family lifestyle...but i know ths only a show...!take care nisha!
    bluedreamer27 said...
    yeah ive watched one of their episode i remember how a black mom swapped with a white family
    and the funny thing there is how will they able to manage the kids
    every mother has their own technique of how they manage or care their kids and their mission is to atleast reach that strategy no matter how largely differ it in what trditionally or habitually did with their child have a great day nisha
    unk said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    nisha said...
    hey bluedude.. thanks for visiting:)i wouldnt wanna join too!

    Hey waliz.. exactly, why would anyone want to exchange families.. but i guess they who have already taken part in the show knew they
    are going to appear on tv! hehe

    bluedreamer.. yeah every mother looks after her kids in her own way.. i guess they just do all that for being on camera and once they get back to normal life, they wouldnt tolerate anyone rules being imposed on them:)
    coolingstar9 said...
    This was an interesting Tv series, very creative.
    They had the chances to see how others lives.
    Have a nice week.
    bluedreamer27 said...
    i agree haha by the way just dropping to say have a great day
    nisha said...
    Cooling star.. i agree and they got us good entertainment too, as always:)
    Akmal said...
    Hehe I bet I had never watched it. But that definitely sounds cool. You see, hearing to stories never are the same than actually experiencing them. But you know what? If there are also husband swap, I bet it will freak many men out hahaha.
    Have a nice weekend ahead Nisha :)
    nisha said...
    Akmal you must watch it! its great fun and theres not only the wife swap but husband swap and boss swap too! but i prefer the wife swap.. hehe..
    bluedreamer27 said...
    wow new layout again thats awesome always have a great day
    nisha said...
    Bluedreamer thanks for the visit:) my days werent so good:( as alisha is not well.. but thanks for always keeping me in mind:)

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