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Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally the grand finale of big boss came to an end on Sunday and the winner was none other than Ashutosh Kaushik, which almost got me raging with anger. Its like a story from rags to riches! He was just small Town owner of a dhaba in Sharanpur, and now he'll be considered a man worth a crore, at least.. Second in line to the prize was Raja who should have won, i felt. Very sad.

The saddest thing that happened last week was the end of the show on colors, as i used to be a dedicated viewer of the show.. all the moments spent with each other was also shown deeply on each of the voted out participants face when they landed up for the finale.. now that they knew who voted, who back stabbed and who criticised each other.

Rahul Mahajan won the bada dilwale(big heart) trophy because he was a pretty big player in the house who knew who should be his next step. The fact, that he decided to leave the house when asked to do a vote out between the last four, for breaking one of the biggest rules(ill come to that later.. ).. of the house, proved that he is a stunning politician with great planning abilities.

Few days before the finale, the four boys left in the house tried to escape due to hunger. There wasn't food for them to eat, it seems.. so as a punishment, big boss asked them to vote against each other which wasn't acceptable to a clever rahul and he opted to move out himself. He got his fame and won the hearts of his new fans in India and abroad!

I felt Raja should have fun because he was witty, smart and very entertaining. That's all for now.. see you against next year when the 3rd season begins;)


  1. coolingstar9 said...
    Bigboss game is ready fun and exciting.
    We do not know who is the winner until the very last moment. It brings excitement to audience as well as participant.
    Looking forward to the next competition.
    I have an award for you, please take it and have a nice day.
    bluecrystaldude said...
    Hi Nisha,

    Finally, I finished my exam for this semester and safely back home. I was struggling through out this semester. The papers were harder than ever and I involved in too much curricular activities. I am glad this semester already ended

    Love your new template. and I am happy to hear about your new laptop. Hehe.. Back to blogging then :D

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