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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear friends, nothings right out here for me:(. I cant access PPP anymore from my PC, since i bought a new one. Its been 1 week now and the sites doesn't seem to move into the homepage of the site from the google index page itself. Why is it happening, and what could be the reason? Some months ago, i had recently moved to new place in the same city i live, but then the site worked well on the old PC till i got this new one. It even worked well on the new one for a few days, and then gave in. I don't know if its because of the IP change. Could it be because of that or some other reason!..

I don't think they banned me for i haven't done against which is against the TOS, and if they did, i would have got a warning before. My sign in and home page can be accessed from my sisters PC and the paid and pending payments are still there. So i don't think its a ban.. or could be??? My minds going blank!!.. I am very worried, as most of you know, how important the site is for us bloggers. Most of us moms, throughout the world, we make huge amounts from PPP and it definitely helps towards our families.

I've heard that one can unblock sites blocked to a PC. Could i do that? maybe it will be clear if its a ban or just a block! I am in a mess, for many other reasons and what is this? Another reason to worry about? Hope all works well for me and hopefully the ticket i sent to the IZEA customer care will be answered positively.. End here with crossed fingers! Moms and others we still have lots to work on, thanks to the G-adsense, and others:) But this just isnt fair!!


  1. Bluedreamer said...
    hello nisha you know what i am a technical support and working in a call center
    and in regards with that connectivity issue
    have you already contact your manufacturer?
    or have you done with the registration process?
    bluecrystaldude said...
    I am not sure I could offer much help to you. I don't even know what PPP stands for until I moved my cursor to see it stands for PayPerPost.. LOL..

    However, I think you should try what Bluedreamer suggested. May it works! Wish you all the best luck in getting it working again :)
    nisha said...
    Hi bluedreamer.. I think the problem is solved now and it was just that the whole servers ip address was blocked at the site. Guess what, they stopped the whole network for sometime and worked on this issue. Finally our mulitiple calls to them paid off.. I am so happy, really:)
    nisha said...
    Hi bluedude.. the problem is solved now.. but i guess this should come as an awareness to most people who find sites blocked on their pc;)..

    wish you both a fun filled day:)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    oh great to hear that from you nisha
    have a great day
    Anonymous said...

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