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Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is a very important update about my daughter Alisha after a month since she turned two years on the 18Th of October. Theda of the birthday went very well with our trip around town! I wrote about it on my ealrlier posts.

Since last month, shes shown a vast improvement in her growth, speech and motor skills.

As usual, she still says the "post" and "TV" or "cook" pointing to the computer, television and kitchen, when shes up to her tricks! (shes tells me that when i catch her doing something wrong).. she means to say 'you mind your own business mom'.. haha

Shes scares us with devils and lions, and then scares herself too.. looks into the dark and hides behind me.

She eats her bread by the tip of the slice, in case the butter messes her fingers!! Such a lady, and look at her age?? actually she does copy her mom too much.. hahaha.. and also repeats my words and actions as if to tease me, her mom!!

She wont dare repeat/step on/touch a harmful stunt/object/thing etc, if she remembers me telling her not do it when i say "no baby, don't do it, dirty no?" for eg; the wall- i hate insects and lizards crawling and so does she! and for some reason i feel she understands much more than her age.

Her speech: began to use two/three word phrases like "give baby banana", "go cook", "put TV bheem/pot to-(harry potter)", "come/go ta ta" etc- however, not Consequently but with a pause between her words as most two year old do and am proud my baby speaks english:)

Finger and hand skills: can use her little fingers to do almost everything i cant imagine, like even changing settings of the mobile, and calling up people! but jokes apart she can even type on the keyboard, color with crayons, scribbles 'well' with a pencil, picks each grain of rice lying about, switches of my pc or the TV(grrr), lady-like bread eater..

Other developments: runs, jumps, hops, dances, summer salts, .. thank god i don't have steps at home as i live on the ground floor:).. Shes turning quite spiteful and raises hands when shes scolded!

Games: She has the ability to change any emotion or thing into playtime; one moment she is crying, the next she is grinning with a typical naughty side face! very lively and alert little girl:)

Food habits: Very picky eater, though she eats all normal meals like rice, dal, veggies, meat etc but she loves eggs, pepsi, cake, milk, banana, tea, chips, hajmola, fried potatoes the most of all.

The update is from 18Th of Sept till today 16Th Nov.. hope to update with some more about Alisha's funny sense of humor, this coming 18Th of Nov.


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    Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...
    happy belated birthday, baby alisha! :)
    Anonymous said...
    hi there,
    i was just wondering, what does the name "Alisha" mean?


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