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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monica(female) is out of big boss which puts an end to a budding relationship in the house. I am sad i wont be able to watch the reality show after a week, as its coming to an end then, but who will be the winner? lets wait and watch.. I think one of the two, either Rahul or Raja who had played they politics very well and had also been lucky enough to escape been evicted despite being nominated several times, will get to bag the 1 crore rupees.

Coming back to Monica and Rahul(male), the two love birds of the house and their rival Payal(female). Payal did show some pretty deep emotions post her entry, for just a week into the house.. she told the others that Monica may have cast a spell on Rahul because he behaved crazily unlike when he was in the outside world. She said she knew him for seven years as friend and this was not the same Rahul. Maybe it was her jealousy for she too had a soft spot for her friend Rahul! Rahul and Monica carried on their romance least bothering about what others had to say..

Once out, Monica said she did have feelings for Rahul because he was the only one close to her in the house and his love is genuine for her, and we all saw that! She is also aware that this big bad world could create obstacles in both their ways.

The question is, what is Rahul doing in the house now? probably cleaning bathrooms and romancing either Zulfi, Ashu and Raja;).. the four males are left to fight for the prize money this coming week end when the show ends.


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