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Sunday, November 02, 2008

I enjoyed watching harry potter with my kids the whole of this month,.. i mean every Sunday a part of harry potter is featured on TV and since i had only watched the first part many years ago, now being able to watch with the kids was really an experience so close to my heart. I noticed the parts got more scarier, and to watch in the dark was truly pretty thrilling!! guess what, i put off the lights and made ourselves comfortable, all cuddled up together and no doubt, the winters played a wonderful role in our enjoyment..

There is no need to go to a cinema hall just to watch a harry potter, and probably its not showing at any hall this time or month, but watching it at home on TV itself is fine especially when you have a two year old.. who screams potta potta all the time!! hahahahaha...

Yes that true, Alisha was also excited, screaming potta potta each time harry appeared on screen:).. The whole idea of watching a children's movie with your kids, taking out time from a pretty busy routine brings tears to my heart because these moments will never come again, or never be repeated as kids grow up every day and along with their growth, they also seem to change.. What i mean, only a mother can understand what is sharing tiny pieces of joys with our kids from a young age so that we will never get a chance to regret it later:)

Barely one part finishes, we're excited and looking forward to the other parts, next two are harry potter and the goblet of fire and harry potter and the order of the phoenix... please watch it with your kids if you get the chance too! and scream and laugh with along with them.. but don't scare them like i do;)(wink, wink)


  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    me too... i love harry potter nisha im addicted into it ive watched it several times hehe
    have a great day
    coolingstar9 said...
    wow, it is really nice to see harry potter.
    You and your lovely kids indeed in the heaven.
    You will keep on watching it, you can be always joyful.
    Life is really great, nishas.
    Angel said...
    I know the feeling of watching movies together with kids. I have a lot of nieces and nephews and we always have a great time watching movies. Just last Halloween, we had a movie marathon and we watched HP movies and HSM full movies in HD quality @ We really enjoy the whole day together.

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