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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My in laws have left for their Ajmer trip by train and i guess they're already half way through. They'll be reaching in a day and sure by now they love the train journey and the sweet smell of the open green fields the train passes through. I was so sad while they were leaving without me and my kids, because Ajmer is visited by millions! It's a holy place where one who prays with all their faith to the saint whose tomb still remains intact there, is granted his/her wishes. The person returns to the darhah(mosque) during the Urs in ajmer, to offer prayers and thankfulness. I've been there a few times and i longed to go this time too but my health restricts my going. Too bad, but hope we are able to make it next month as we are planning... :)

My Alisha was howling at the station when she accompanied her father and elder brother to see them off. Her cousin, just the same age as her, has gone too and she cant take why they left her. She hasn't experienced a train journey and so i am more reluctant to take her this year itself!

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  1. bluedreamer27 said...
    hi nisha... congrats for making it up to the Final 6... ^_^

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