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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happiness comes to us in bits and pieces, and never really remains in our lives because of the sudden situations that arise in our day to day lives. But it is something we all want to achieve and we can, if only we choose not to allow certain circumstances influence our feelings...

I guess most of us gain happiness from the things we like doing like indulging in our passions which make place for great improvements in our lives, or nurturing our relationships between those we love... it could be anyone from parents, grandparents, kids, spouses, friends, pets, etc... but we always find happiness in the presence of our loved ones. If you cant find happiness at work make it a point to come home to happiness!

Some of my happiness derives from the tiniest deeds lent out to those in need of me, as i'm forever ready to give what it takes to help others... I also feel happy living in a positive and stress-free environment with my family. And, my little angel girl, Alisha (3yrs), is my main reason for all the happiness in my life... so i guess happiness is truly made up of the simplest things in life... :)

More tips to find happiness:
Listening to your favorite music.
Meeting people.
Nurturing old friendships.
Knowing you're healthy.
Enjoying a big hot fudge sundae.
Getting a hug from a good friend.
Making it to the finish line of a race.
Taking a much needed nap in the middle of the day.
Watching your kids grow everyday.
Helping an elderly woman with her groceries.
Getting that raise you worked so hard for.
Watching a sleeping baby.
Loosing those last 10 pound


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