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Sunday, June 21, 2009 myspace graphic comments

It's Fathers day today, and its celebrated in most parts of the world. Its a day to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers which complements the mothers day( the day we honor our mothers). This is a special day to remember what our fathers have done for us as kids, they had worked effortlessly for our education and well being, put with all our tantrums etc.. and we realize that now that we, ourselves are parents and fathers. I mean, am not a father but i see how my kids have built a bond with theirs, i see how the kids and their father interact and that makes me reminisce my childhood.

There are many sweet and funny incidents i would like to talk about but for now i'll tell you just one.. i remember how he used to carry me around the table(a pretty large oval one) counting 1 to 100 just to get me to sleep while my mom was busy in other household chores! i wouldn't fall off to sleep unless the count almost ended, and dare he missed out numbers, i cried my guts out! haha.. i was big enough, yet that was the love and care he bestowed upon me as a growing child :-)

Life isn't always easy between fathers and their children and we sometimes pay less heed to their advice because we tend to think ourselves as independent. We think we don't need the little finger guidance anymore but actually we are never to big for our parents advice. Our fingers, no matter how big they grow shall always need the tender clench of guidance.. don't you think?

Today's the day, shower him with gifts of your love and care, he'll treasure forever because we owe it all to him. If you're in bad terms with your dad.. do go up to him and give him a huge hug and that should solve everything on this sweet and special day.

I'd like to wish my mine and all the fathers of the world, A happy fathers day with many more fathers day to come and a great, great life ahead.. :-)

If you feel like, please share an incident close to your heart in my comment box :-)


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