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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I wished i could sometime in my life own a domain name and of course it's not a great thing to own one, it costs very less and almost everyone can own one. The fear of building my sites links from start is what stops me... I own a free domain right now but someday i will buy my own for my existing blog site, or maybe when i initiate my own business :-)

Here i've found great tips to help those in confusion of how to choose their domains names and some solutions if the names are unavailable.

Most business site use .com, and most of the names have been taken away but one can still own the same name with a .net, .org etc... But then again, as .com is mostly associated with commercial reasons i guess most people would prefer the .com. from .net or .org

What to do if your domain name is already taken
On the Internet, it’s been years and year’s websites have been built and domain names are being registered. One wonders, if suppose all the domain names be used up, what would we do. Well its not the case of domain names ending, but just like the series of number of vehicles and mobiles, domains names can be constructed attempting different variations, for e.g. If your name '' is not available, you still have the option to add a extra alphabet to the name like '' to own it, however, names that seem very similar may result in trademark infringement the violation of someone's trademark rights. You can still experiment with various minor changes to find a suitable choice yours and buy it, for e.g like ''.. :-)

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  1. onlinemommy said...
    Nice tip :)

    Thanks for dropping by on my site and for the comment.

    I am add your link in my blog roll. I hope you don't mind adding mine in your list.

    Thank you and God Bless

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