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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photo courtesy: LA Times

Stumbled upon the latest news and found this article which is very emotional, at the same time angers. Angers, for the reason that being a blogger myself, this news now slightly makes me wonder if i could trust everyone on the the web or not.. and more than how the blog world would react to this hoax, am afraid, the outside world might point fingers at us.. its shocks! Am sure, the whole world will be or has already been devastated, esp had you been a follower and religious reader of the lady's blog.

Having said the lines above, i also feel they'd be just one in millions of people in the Blog world who move toward the wrong path to steal others of their emotions, and its understandable that no body wants to do it on purpose. At least i want to feel so, for these people who are pretentious by their words and acts need more support mentally as they can be deemed as mentally ill, the reason they don't know what they are doing or getting into.

After you've read the article, you will understand why a women pretends to be pregnant and not only does she pretend the baby( i guess names April rose) was diagnosed with an illness while in the womb but also dies few hours after a house birth. Hadn't she been busted, she'd get away with lot more devastating of homes, in the sense that what people have been doing for her, even sending her way their last piece of whatever they owned(their time, money and prayers).

Its sad for all the people who had lent her their prayers and trust, for money is important, but but not much more than your emotions. At the same time, the lady who faked her pregnancy did reveal what made her move on the wrong path and its another breaking story... so it is our duties as gods children to leave everything up to him. We shouldn't let harsh feelings develop inside us and we should forgive her, it will be tough but god surely knows best, and she will be answerable to him.

One last thing, as the author of my charming kids writes updates about "why would a christian behave this way?" i would want to respond that no matter what color, caste or creed, we as humans 'first', have the tendency to fall into temptation. We have all put our trust into god for his guidance and protection and religion shouldn't be linked to any body's actions

Read the article HERE

Update-15th,09: i have no intentions of hurting either the blog community or anyone else, and i've written this post just to spread my perceptions. For just one hoax, its shouldn't discourage and give us the reason to stop trusting the web/blog-world for there are still millions of genuine people who live of the donations they receive and find solace through their blogs and friends. Please don't stop trusting just be cautious.

Please voice/leave your opinions in the comment box below :-)


  1. Joops said...
    She is just one of those brave scammers that would like to lure other people's emotion. She is a THIEF, emotionally and finacially!
    ryliej said...
    I have read this one too.. Yup its sad that other people would do this horrible thing just to get sympathy and money form other people..
    Nisha said...
    Joops- very true, but hope that doesn't further discourage us from trusting the whole web, or the blog world where most of us have our hearts residing :-)

    Thanks for coming over.. have a nice day :-)
    Nisha said...
    Ryliej- not that these type of people weren't busted before. These type of things will keep happening, we just have to be cautious we land up frying ourselves :-)

    Thanks for visiting.. have a nice day :-)
    Sammem said...
    wow you have forgiveness in ur heart. very commendable! It is hard to understand where these scammers come from and why they betray trust. It's sad, but hopefully one day our society can learn to value trust.
    Nisha said...
    Sammem- yeah, forgiveness from myself :-)... but i wonder if she'd be forgiven by all that were betrayed. It'll be though for them and natural but i think now that shes exposed, there wont be more people fooled by her. On the web its easy to scam, esp bcoz ppl believe whatever is written!

    Thanks for visiting.. :-)
    bluedreamer27 said...
    thanks for youe warm comment about my article nisha your such a true friend
    oh by the way Blog Idol Round 2 just got started today
    you can now cast your vote there my friend
    hope to see you there!!
    happpy blogging
    Lynn said...
    there's a lot of people whose goal is to make up stories and benefit from it. this is just one of them.
    coolingstar9 said...
    This is the lesson for all people.
    1. We should adopt the right attitude blogging in the first place.
    2. Telling lies once, more lies will come to cover previous lies, so honesty should be our way of life.
    3. From the respones from readers, we know that many kind people in this world.
    I learnt something great, thanks for your comments on my posts.
    Have the nice day.

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