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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Another month has passed and life is as slow as ever! i mean, sometimes i feel as if the days have passed like seconds and sometimes vice-versa!

I feel happy to mention my baby's Alisha's now 2 years,7 months years old and we are looking forward to sending her to kinder garden soon. I wont talk about that now but once its done, let you all know! She cant stay more than 2 hours without me so don't know what will happen then..

Shes learning all the new tricks possible. Lately she tried trying a piece of cloth over her eyes and when she couldn't tie it, i helped her... she wanted to play eye spy! I also see her jumping on the bed saying "am supernum" means superman! haha.. shes beginning to talk a lot more and forms 5,6 word sentences at a time..

Televisions a great influence in her life coz i see her dancing very often when am not watching her i hear an angel voice, a humming bird singing.. la, la, la.. now and then! :-)

Her intake of spicy foods are increasing, and this season, mangoes are her favorite fruit.. she loves it! but eats it with the same two finger style that she eats her bread and butter.. hahaha.. cool.. like mother, like daughter.. :-)

Shes the light of my life and god has surely been so kind to grant me this darling little angel in my life :-)

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  1. lilyruth said...
    I bet she is the light of your life. Goah when we met she was just a baby and now she getting so big and talking . Gosh time flys by so fast. So she watches T.v. yea t.v. can be a good tool to learn be sure she watches those Kids show talk in english and spanish. I still watch it myslef casue I enjoy their stories. Smile Oh and thanks for the award you make me feel good inside when you stil remember to give me an award shows your tinking of me and you value our friendship and this means alot to me. I also appreciate you stopping to vote for me at your votes mean alot to me for they help to make people aware to fight against animal cruelty so you keep on voting I depend on your VOtes.. GIve the baby a big hug for me...

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