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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was in a little tensed situation where my health and wealth is concerned so i took a while from blogging or being online to relax and contemplate over things.. things like the future, marriage life, family life, kids future.. it felt good concentrating on just myself when nothing else in the world could intervene and made me realize the things i've got to eliminate or change within me. I began with petty things at home itself, and threw away much of the clutter i gathered as keepsake since my teen days which only increased the negativity around me every time i set my eyes on them. I intend to be clutter free from now on but doesn't mean i will eliminate anything of my beloved ones, no.. they'll be forever stored and treasured. Just eliminated the keepsakes and memories of those i feel caused me enough harm and pain.. my loved ones could never bring me painful memories and never will :-)


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