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Saturday, June 13, 2009

This person was sad, some circumstances i'm not aware of, so i just wrote him these lines in an instant to uplift his spirit. In and out of times in need, i will always be there :-)

Don't give up hope

It's sad no doubt
But please don't pout
Hopes, the word
That you can afford
To search the light
Without a fright
Just hold on to your dreams
Don’t let go
It's just a few obstacles away
It seems
When light surfaces
The darkness it replaces
Then sadness destroy
And reconcile with joy
May god bless you
With a life, anew :-)


  1. Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    nice poem...inspiring.thanks for sharing
    Lynn said...
    very touching poem, sis!

    niwey, got something for u...
    coolingstar9 said...
    This is the wonderful poem. It will surely encourage your friend.
    Yes, life is full of joy, sadness or obstables.
    In whatever situation, we have to live on despite some setfacks.
    I am very proud of you to always give hope to people.
    Well done, my buddy. I will be glad to introduce your blog site on my new post in few days time, hope you like it, cheer, life is precious.
    bluedreamer27 said...
    that is so sweet nisha
    you are so talented
    by the way my friend you may want to know the reason behind my Top Five Blog and the reason why i called my self bluedreamer
    you can read my article here

    hope you like it
    feel free to share your thoughts upon my entry
    lilyruth said...
    I will never give up hope that people will help me to keep my doors open to my small shelter to care nd feed my dogs. I bog for donations and keep hoping that people will care enough about abandoned dogs to give smal donations to help me buy food and medicines. I will keep hoping they will go to and help me amake a difference with a donation. ALso be sue to go and vote for me at Hugs lilyruth
    Nisha said...
    Thanks Meryl.. it was just a few seconds i had to post the comment.. and i couldn't think of anything better.. hehe.. :-)
    Nisha said...
    Thanks for award lynn.. will pick it up soon :-)
    Nisha said...
    Cooling star.. i hope his troubles do cease soon.. it would be a pleasure to have my post on your blogs dear.. and thanks for appreciating and always motivating me further :-)
    Nisha said...
    Hey blue.. always, always encouraging... right now am on your blog :-)
    Nisha said...
    Lilyruth.. what you are doing is for a great cause and i must say your heart is full of kindness and care, no wonder everyone has the reason to help you and its our duties to help you help those dogs :-)
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