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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I cant believe that my stats have jumped by a great amount of unique hits since yesterday and the searches have just what i had expected, Michael Jackson of course.. though i was more ready for 'Michael Jackson's dies' but what surprised me was that the keyword searches proved that people were still curious to know what happened and what was wrong with his surgery that made his transformation prominent day by day. They still searched for 'Michael Jackson's nose surgery'!!, along with his death info.

Actually, the post on my blog which has the title 'What went wrong with Michael Jackson's nose surgery' was one of my initial posts when i started on this blog. I was always curious myself and after some googling i put down the article though i dint write every sentence in my own words, i couldn't justify that ever. But this article/post has bought me the maximum amount of hits like almost daily since that day and the most comments too(from my unique readers)!! On his death yesterday, it still wasn't a surprise to see maximum people had searched for him but it's just that i expected people to search for information on his death but infact curiosity about his thorough life was searched for. I mean to say, it was him daily and i guess its going to be forever!

His death news was all over TV, and people continued to praise the pop star for his dancing and singing skills but it's over the net where one can get satisfactory information regarding almost anything! and it's here that they put forward their curiosity and they shall be provided with that :-)



  1. Hicham said...
    Interesting how search bumped in the day he died. Check TechCrunch's articles regarding how the web technically was about to collapse from the demand on searching over google, facebook, twitter, cnn ...etc

    People are always curious about celebrities and hereby I believe that MJ's life has been spoiled somehow by being a celebrity.
    Nisha said...
    Yeah i've watched it on Tv then read it on the net.. thanks for coming over :-)

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