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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Finally the wait is over and thousands of Rakhi Sawants fans got to watch the dancing drama queen in a different avatar as she launged her show on NDTV Imagine last night. The show began with Rakhi waiting for the arrival of her 16 princes of whom she will chose a husband in the finale. She sizzled in a red and green embroidered outfit with matching diamond jewelery. All 16 potential grooms to be enter into the show in valor bringing with them gifts worth for a princess. One brought with them a beautiful white wedding gown and described it worth for a fairy who he has seen in Rakhi.. her face glows as she receives each ones gift with grace as they attempt to woo her in their best of mannerisms. 3 of them are picked by her as the ones she likes the best( they say "first impression is the last impression") so i guess she figures it out that way and pins on a brooch onto them(i thought it matched her jewelery)

The 16 finalists were short listed from the applicants around the globe. A NRI was also spotted amongst the 16 of them. Rakhi herself had planned out the concept, and for the rest of the weeks we get to watch them all under one roof where they will be put through a series of challenges, competing to win the hand of Rakhi but keeping in mind a criteria set by the dancing queen herself.

The reality show spots a contrasted Rakhi where she seems to have shed of that outspoken image and has projected herself as the perfect bride-to-be.

The show has Ram Kapoor as the host, who portrays a staunch business man and husband to bani in the soap Kasam Se.. His comedy skills or rather the clownish version of him was seen the show Jhalak Diklaja(a dance show) where he was a participant despite his bulky physique but a real sporting guy.. i was amused watching him throughout! hehe

Her not so blood related brother Ravi Kishan will also flock into the reality show to help his sister with her decisions as he puts all 16 to test, and every week one of them gets eliminated. So its going to be quite entertaining with some bittersweet episodes of the lot.

The show 'Rakhi ka swayamvar' will be telecast every Monday-Friday at 9 p.m. on NDTV Imagine

I wished i could sometime in my life own a domain name and of course it's not a great thing to own one, it costs very less and almost everyone can own one. The fear of building my sites links from start is what stops me... I own a free domain right now but someday i will buy my own for my existing blog site, or maybe when i initiate my own business :-)

Here i've found great tips to help those in confusion of how to choose their domains names and some solutions if the names are unavailable.

Most business site use .com, and most of the names have been taken away but one can still own the same name with a .net, .org etc... But then again, as .com is mostly associated with commercial reasons i guess most people would prefer the .com. from .net or .org

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Monday, June 29, 2009

This is the video Michael Jackson featured with his wife Liza Presley Marie (the original vid is right below), the daughter of Elvis Presley. Prefect blends of passion, love, and traces of isolation which topped the charts and was the recipient of Grammy and American Music Award nominations. I grew up idolizing him and his music always played on our lips and minds even as kids and teens. His unique vocal style, dress style, dance style and behavior.. Everything kept us admiring the pop star more and more. The impact he has on his fans couldn't be compared and never will. He was a special soul sent to earth to live amongst us but unfortunately his image was tarnished by some. I never believed, no matter what they had said, and never will. His music and his humbleness always stood ahead of whatever.. and Michael is irreplaceable.

Having said the above, i still cant get over the sad demise of the original moon walker, and every time am listening to his music or watching his video's, i cant hold my tears back realizing the fact that he's no more.

His loss is heart breaking no doubt but he will be immortalized through his music, so
we should all celebrate his contribution to the world which remains with us forever!:-)

Lyrics | Michael Jackson lyrics

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

How many of us love playing games and quizzes around the web, i'm sure almost every user wouldn't think twice or be tempted into competing with players worldwide. We all want to show of our playing skills right? So don't worry, if you're feeling tired of the games you've played over and over again, come here to this new fast paced free Trivia Game called Triviala.

There are three new games launched by the site, Face-off being the first one. This multiplayer Fun trivia gives you the chance to show of your trivia knowledge on an international stage and can be played simply for fun or for 'trivia crowns' which is a choice of your own.

Triviala ‘Coin A Word’ game is the second game where you can use your wording skills to spell a 3-6 letter words from the 6 letters provided as fast as you can. Now how many of you can do that? Collect 40 crowns when you spell TRIVIALA, which helps accumulate crowns faster in order to enter in for the cash draws. Remember the more words, the more coins!

last but not the least is the Trivia quiz mania which a player can enjoy challenges to and from his/her friends, family and other triviala users.



I cant believe that my stats have jumped by a great amount of unique hits since yesterday and the searches have just what i had expected, Michael Jackson of course.. though i was more ready for 'Michael Jackson's dies' but what surprised me was that the keyword searches proved that people were still curious to know what happened and what was wrong with his surgery that made his transformation prominent day by day. They still searched for 'Michael Jackson's nose surgery'!!, along with his death info.

Actually, the post on my blog which has the title 'What went wrong with Michael Jackson's nose surgery' was one of my initial posts when i started on this blog. I was always curious myself and after some googling i put down the article though i dint write every sentence in my own words, i couldn't justify that ever. But this article/post has bought me the maximum amount of hits like almost daily since that day and the most comments too(from my unique readers)!! On his death yesterday, it still wasn't a surprise to see maximum people had searched for him but it's just that i expected people to search for information on his death but infact curiosity about his thorough life was searched for. I mean to say, it was him daily and i guess its going to be forever!

His death news was all over TV, and people continued to praise the pop star for his dancing and singing skills but it's over the net where one can get satisfactory information regarding almost anything! and it's here that they put forward their curiosity and they shall be provided with that :-)


What if your kids or someone you know lands up spending more than they can afford on just contact lenses? I think every loved one has the love, concern and the responsibility to guide their counterparts. As it's said that a 25 year old wearing extended wear contacts will spend upwards of $20,000? so ilasik can invest in vision and help save money, so if you you lend your advice to the younger generation, then LASIK, also known as ilasik can help them save money in the long run and they aren't going to lose but benefit satisfactorily. Even the Americans are looking at modern ILasik in trustful way taking into consideration their visions and specially when every penny matters these days.

The iLASIK procedure, combines Wavefront mapping technology with two lasers for a safe and completely tailor-made procedure. It is covered by most health savings accounts, offering a tax deductible way to pay for better vision.

"For me, iLASIK will pay for itself in seven years by eliminating the ongoing cost of glasses, contact lenses and solutions," said Stefanie Fujinami, who had the iLASIK procedure this year with Los Angeles-based ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Maloney. "The next morning I had 20/20 vision -- I could even read the fine print on the toothpaste!"


Friday, June 26, 2009

The shocking news of Micheal Jackson's death has pierced a pin into my heart because the news i've just read regarding his death all over the web, is unbelievable. It's over the news websites, twitter, face book and on everyone's mind.

Users were posting tweets and facebook status's asking whether the news was true or not but now its confirmed that hes no more as reports claim that the pop star has died at 50 following a cardiac arrest. Visit here to get the story.

It's disheartening to lose a talented singer whose comeback was scheduled next month to begin the first of 50 sold-out concerts at London's O2 Arena. Its disheartening not only for the coming(the future) but it kills to lose him for what he had already given us in the past. A phenomenal singer, composer, dancer, style icon and to much more to mention, the legend was always a praise on the tongues of his fans for his music, and despite being the controversial king for some of the negative reasons he was always loved by all for the humble person he was.

This brings back memories of princess Diana's tragic death when the world came to a halt realizing they lost a princess, a lady who could never be compared. Now as i sit and go back to the 'thriller' days, i wonder how many more hearts will cry as the news reaches their ears. For me, its' a shock.. wonder what you have to say?

Let us bow our heads in a two minute prayer to ask the lord to guide him in his afterlife, and may his soul RIP.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I just loved this song when i was younger and even now when i listen to it, it beings tears to my eyes. The video doesn't feature MLTR's original video, but i like the way the audio and the scenes from small ville are integrated which results into this emotional vid. The moral: if you love someone don't hesitate to let them know or, YOU MAY REGRET BEING LATE! :-)

After some time I've finally made up my mind
She is the girl and I really want to make her mine
I'm searching everywhere to find her again
To tell her I love her
And I'm sorry about the things I've done

I find her standing in front of the church
The only place in town where I didn't search
She looks so happy in her wedding dress
But she's crying while she's saying this

Boy I missed your kisses all the time but this is
Twenty five minutes too late
Though you travelled so far boy I'm sorry you are
Twenty five minutes too late

Against the wind I'm going home again
Wishing be back to the time when we were more than

Still I see her in front of the church
The only place in town where I didn't search
She looks so happy in her wedding dress
But she's cried while she's saying this


Out in the streets
Places where hungry hearts have nothing to eat
Inside my head
Still I can hear the words she said

I can still hear what she said

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Sunday, June 21, 2009 myspace graphic comments

It's Fathers day today, and its celebrated in most parts of the world. Its a day to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers which complements the mothers day( the day we honor our mothers). This is a special day to remember what our fathers have done for us as kids, they had worked effortlessly for our education and well being, put with all our tantrums etc.. and we realize that now that we, ourselves are parents and fathers. I mean, am not a father but i see how my kids have built a bond with theirs, i see how the kids and their father interact and that makes me reminisce my childhood.

There are many sweet and funny incidents i would like to talk about but for now i'll tell you just one.. i remember how he used to carry me around the table(a pretty large oval one) counting 1 to 100 just to get me to sleep while my mom was busy in other household chores! i wouldn't fall off to sleep unless the count almost ended, and dare he missed out numbers, i cried my guts out! haha.. i was big enough, yet that was the love and care he bestowed upon me as a growing child :-)

Life isn't always easy between fathers and their children and we sometimes pay less heed to their advice because we tend to think ourselves as independent. We think we don't need the little finger guidance anymore but actually we are never to big for our parents advice. Our fingers, no matter how big they grow shall always need the tender clench of guidance.. don't you think?

Today's the day, shower him with gifts of your love and care, he'll treasure forever because we owe it all to him. If you're in bad terms with your dad.. do go up to him and give him a huge hug and that should solve everything on this sweet and special day.

I'd like to wish my mine and all the fathers of the world, A happy fathers day with many more fathers day to come and a great, great life ahead.. :-)

If you feel like, please share an incident close to your heart in my comment box :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Isn't summer the time for fun and activities where you get to spend ample time with your families? well is it no doubt, but the question is how would one know whats happening in their city with ease, without having to scrape through web pages or the newspapers. The answer is, through this widget at

It's a great way to know about what's happening in your area, the fun activities like summer camps, kids events, other fun events, day care etc.. everybody wants to be up to date of events in their city so as to be able to prepare beforehand for the outing and not at the last minute. So all you have to do on the widget is just type your city pin code and there you go! your cities upcoming events appear before your eyes!

The other exciting part is that the parents of US now get the chance to install the widget on their blogs, websites or on the social networking sites they're members of, and the person whose widget gets the most views, goes on to win the $1000 prize money!!

All the best, may the best parent win :-)


Friday, June 19, 2009

This is one actress i greatly admire after Nicole Kidman.. Nicole was my childhood idol for her beauty but Angelina along with her gorgeous image, has always been a good soul when it comes to charity, showing regard and concern for less fortunate kids around the world. That's what i admire her for.. now just yesterday the actress appeared to have highlighted a cause for refugees on Anderson Cooper's CNN show, being the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

She was moved to tears as she compared her kids the those living in poverty and the sufferers of war-torn countries.

A few instances she faced in person and few other things had to say.. go HERE to read it :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

hahaha.. this is so cute!!! enjoy listening to mama singing too ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photo courtesy: LA Times

Stumbled upon the latest news and found this article which is very emotional, at the same time angers. Angers, for the reason that being a blogger myself, this news now slightly makes me wonder if i could trust everyone on the the web or not.. and more than how the blog world would react to this hoax, am afraid, the outside world might point fingers at us.. its shocks! Am sure, the whole world will be or has already been devastated, esp had you been a follower and religious reader of the lady's blog.

Having said the lines above, i also feel they'd be just one in millions of people in the Blog world who move toward the wrong path to steal others of their emotions, and its understandable that no body wants to do it on purpose. At least i want to feel so, for these people who are pretentious by their words and acts need more support mentally as they can be deemed as mentally ill, the reason they don't know what they are doing or getting into.

After you've read the article, you will understand why a women pretends to be pregnant and not only does she pretend the baby( i guess names April rose) was diagnosed with an illness while in the womb but also dies few hours after a house birth. Hadn't she been busted, she'd get away with lot more devastating of homes, in the sense that what people have been doing for her, even sending her way their last piece of whatever they owned(their time, money and prayers).

Its sad for all the people who had lent her their prayers and trust, for money is important, but but not much more than your emotions. At the same time, the lady who faked her pregnancy did reveal what made her move on the wrong path and its another breaking story... so it is our duties as gods children to leave everything up to him. We shouldn't let harsh feelings develop inside us and we should forgive her, it will be tough but god surely knows best, and she will be answerable to him.

One last thing, as the author of my charming kids writes updates about "why would a christian behave this way?" i would want to respond that no matter what color, caste or creed, we as humans 'first', have the tendency to fall into temptation. We have all put our trust into god for his guidance and protection and religion shouldn't be linked to any body's actions

Read the article HERE

Update-15th,09: i have no intentions of hurting either the blog community or anyone else, and i've written this post just to spread my perceptions. For just one hoax, its shouldn't discourage and give us the reason to stop trusting the web/blog-world for there are still millions of genuine people who live of the donations they receive and find solace through their blogs and friends. Please don't stop trusting just be cautious.

Please voice/leave your opinions in the comment box below :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This person was sad, some circumstances i'm not aware of, so i just wrote him these lines in an instant to uplift his spirit. In and out of times in need, i will always be there :-)

Don't give up hope

It's sad no doubt
But please don't pout
Hopes, the word
That you can afford
To search the light
Without a fright
Just hold on to your dreams
Don’t let go
It's just a few obstacles away
It seems
When light surfaces
The darkness it replaces
Then sadness destroy
And reconcile with joy
May god bless you
With a life, anew :-)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Face book has created a huge impact on users worldwide, some for the better and some for the worse. Right now facebook is the best Networking site due to its collection of numerous interactive applications from word games, from quizzes to connecting relatives, to vampire wars games, to creating your own virtual garden and farm :) The collection is never ending and honestly very, very addicting! Most of them actually contribute towards a good cause like saving the rain forests, or helping needy children with food... When you know you're doing something to help, the enthusiasm gets intense and the feeling to be able to contribute is inexpressive really:-)

My recent favorites are my flower garden(Nishas paradise), barn buddy, my rain forest patch, vampire wars, and the very popular scramble word game... The more friends joining, the more exciting the apps get, so not to forget mentioning my three top facebook blogging buddies without whom the games wouldn't be complete and they've also been very sweet.. They are Lilyruth, Kimberly and Susan who've been either great neighbors or great enemies! hehe.. yeah, that's coz Ruth got me beaten me up a few weeks back along with her vampire army, but shes also been pretty kind sharing with us and gifting us all beautiful flowers and gifts! Kim has also been wonderful sending us gifts all the time which we need to level up and she leads for sure! Susan's garden is beautiful, i'm always visiting to water her pretty flowers and she returns the favor when i need it most :-) The other of my contacts aren't bloggers but they're great too :-)

My little Aryan, my son, has also joined the site and though hes just a tiny tot at 9(not his actual age on the site) hes also playing along with mommy, but with mommy's guidance, mind you! hehe..

So are you on facebook? which is your favorite app?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was in a little tensed situation where my health and wealth is concerned so i took a while from blogging or being online to relax and contemplate over things.. things like the future, marriage life, family life, kids future.. it felt good concentrating on just myself when nothing else in the world could intervene and made me realize the things i've got to eliminate or change within me. I began with petty things at home itself, and threw away much of the clutter i gathered as keepsake since my teen days which only increased the negativity around me every time i set my eyes on them. I intend to be clutter free from now on but doesn't mean i will eliminate anything of my beloved ones, no.. they'll be forever stored and treasured. Just eliminated the keepsakes and memories of those i feel caused me enough harm and pain.. my loved ones could never bring me painful memories and never will :-)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I recieved this award from my blog buddy Blue Dreamer... thank you so much for always including me in your awards give away and for being that buddy who always wishes a great day to his friends... its means a lot! :-)

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Another month has passed and life is as slow as ever! i mean, sometimes i feel as if the days have passed like seconds and sometimes vice-versa!

I feel happy to mention my baby's Alisha's now 2 years,7 months years old and we are looking forward to sending her to kinder garden soon. I wont talk about that now but once its done, let you all know! She cant stay more than 2 hours without me so don't know what will happen then..

Shes learning all the new tricks possible. Lately she tried trying a piece of cloth over her eyes and when she couldn't tie it, i helped her... she wanted to play eye spy! I also see her jumping on the bed saying "am supernum" means superman! haha.. shes beginning to talk a lot more and forms 5,6 word sentences at a time..

Televisions a great influence in her life coz i see her dancing very often when am not watching her i hear an angel voice, a humming bird singing.. la, la, la.. now and then! :-)

Her intake of spicy foods are increasing, and this season, mangoes are her favorite fruit.. she loves it! but eats it with the same two finger style that she eats her bread and butter.. hahaha.. cool.. like mother, like daughter.. :-)

Shes the light of my life and god has surely been so kind to grant me this darling little angel in my life :-)

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