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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho ho ho! did Santa leave gifts for you by the time you awoke? well Santa left gifts for my kids.. some toys and many many sweets :)

Well today is Christmas and am so happy and excited, the feeling and the spirit of Christmas has almost sunk in with wishes from friends and family, it feels great to loved so special on this day. The message of Christmas itself brings in so much love, warmth and peace to the world. It spreads even much before Christmas actually begins :)

What is Christmas without love and happiness on this day? its most important to spread the message which i already written about last year, and can be viewed on the festivals category. So if you have any enemies, just hug them and wish them.. they will remember the gesture for a lifetime. The bad things you do wont count much, but the good will count and be cherished, and what other day could be as special as Christmas. It is a glorious day of our Savior's birth and we should follow the message be brought with him, to us :)

May the timeless message of Christmas fill your hearts and homes with joy today and throughout the coming year. Wish you all a wonderful, and joyous Christmas :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

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So Mumbai is gearing up after that big attack which created huge havoc in the city few weeks ago, and fear in the hearts and minds of the mumbaikars. Not only Mumbai city but i think the whole of India is facing the same fear, who knows, anytime and anywhere? But what are the biggies(you know who?) doing about this? There was so much of pain everywhere, so many innocent deaths and for no reason were they targeted. What did they do to encounter an unruly death they couldn't have even imagined while stepping out of their homes. Its really very sad, and while watching the news on TV, my eyes watered in utmost fear and sadness at the mission being carried out to finish the enemy. It was very scary, yet touching to watch our armed forces handle the dangerous mission so fearlessly. No words can compare!

It is obviously noticed in recent times, India is being targeted like hell. Why? Is there no one to solve the much needed crucial matters instead of fighting like cats and dogs in the house of the speakers. One should watch them behaving like kids, which is definitely unacceptable and stupidity on their parts. They need to be discussing how to keep the city secure instead of poking into their own personal affairs. We, the ordinary people have to buck up and carry out safely measures on our own. Just like how Mandira Bedi, a celeb of the big and small screen lashed out and said that "we shouldn't pay our taxes when we aren't given security of our lives, we should do something for our safely first" How true??

Mumbai is home to the biggies, and is known as the city that never sleeps! I think the city is gathering their wits and courage to face reality and gear up for the festive season. The Taj, the same hotel where the bloody siege took place, has reopened since three weeks of the terror. Though people are trying, there will always be a fear in the heart, but for now, lets pray for the victims and mat rays whose lives were taken three weeks ago and hope the city is back to normal once again.

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Two days more for Christmas and i can already hear Santa's bells ringing in the air :).. that's probably because i want to hear and feel the excitement the festive season brings in. I haven't been out for quite a while and shopping will be last minute, not that i don't have three sets already given to be tailored! hehe.. But the last minute shopping, is the best, the pre excitement shows the spirit of Christmas everywhere with the whole market decorated for the festive season. Not only the market but almost, the whole of the city is brightly decorated and Christmas carols play everywhere. I love visiting when the smell of scrumptious freshly baked cakes fill the air and most of all, one has to bump into some relative or some old pal! That's fun, really :)

Well, the night before Christmas we buy the kids their gifts, wrap them up and hide them away. Comes the morning and they search like mad.. i actually tell them that Santa hides away the gifts because its fun to search for them. I remember, as a kid, i used to act out the nativity story along with our other hostel mates and that was before our vacations would began. I enjoyed doing that as a christian every year during my 8 long years of life in the boarding! From being one of the sheep when i was little, to changing different characters every year and then moved on to join the choir :). We also used to have Santa coming over to visit us and give us gifts, and i believed in Santa a lot during those years of my life. Those years will be most cherished..

Christmas day is spent in fun and laughter with relatives who come over, and cakes, cookies, drinks and other food stuffs are offered. The best of the best meals are cooked to enjoy the feast with the guests. Its quite sometime since i've actually celebrated Christmas at its best just like when i was a kid, with my grandparents and a huge family and also while being a boarder. But Christmas is still celebrated with its spirit in the heart and with my family :). Our family get together and exchanging of wishes and gifts are still there.. everything is sill celebrated the same way.. yet there is something missing somewhere.. maybe my childhood :)

Wish you all a very very bright and joyous Christmas..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hey any music lovers lovers around? I've come across a multi-media site which seems pretty interesting for those who wish to play either music, videos or video games and not only that, its very similar to any community or networking site so many people join these days, where media and music will be the topic discussed throughout the site. The site is and you also sign up, because i have already done so, and enjoying myself thoroughly!

The great thing about the site is the free download of music, which also ensures that the artists whose music we love are given their due credit, and we, the fans of music get to enjoy their music for free! You can also join forums chats, read blogs about music, event talk, join groups and get the latest news about your favourite music or favourite singer/group. Wow! that's something i've hot upon which is going to be the latest excitement, as i love music and hanging around on kerchoonz will be real fun :)

Did i forget to say that you can also earn a few bucks by referrals? well yes, if you a artist or fan, you refer other bands and artists and get paid! Its all for free and so beneficial to everyone.



Well its Alisha's monthly update and guess what? she 26 months now! very naughty and innocently cunning ;).. this month she had begun telling me the boo boo(the ghost) has taken away the remote, haha, when i want to watch my favourite channel on television!

Its getting chili here in Calcutta and shes not willing to wear her woollens, and hides it beside the bed.. now that makes me real mad.. coz if she catches a cold, it'll be quite uneasy for her. Chances of a fever! Oh no, i cant even think about it.. ill convince her and will put up with the tantrums and screaming :)

She is an animal lover, just like her aunt and whenever the cat which strays into our home in search of milk or food, shes like singing and dancing with her hands up in the air and says "kitty aya(came), kitty aya"! yeah in a cocktail of Hindi/English ;) and she lets the cat purr on her, plays with it, loves it! i wish i had a pet one for her, for the cat doesn't seem to come anymore :(..

Still oves her tea, her bread, butter and tea.. and is not fussy anymore and shes enjoying whatever is given to her to eat. Even liked her veggies, meat, fish, prawns and eggs unlike her elder brother, Aryan, and am happy for that. Can someone tell me why shes liking to eat raw potatoes? i think i know why but would like to check it out with moms :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bakrid also known as Eid Ul Adha, festival of the Muslims was celebrated quite recently in and around India, the festival of sacrifice, which is because of the commemoration of Abraham's willingness to offer up his only son Ishmael. Being a converted Muslim myself, it was even in my family(in laws) that celebrated with our loved ones, with prayers, good will and distribution of the sacrificed meat to relatives, neighbours and the poor. The meat of camels, goats or cows are sacrificed on this day and divided into three parts of which one part will be kept for the family, the other for relatives and friends, and third for the poor. The festival is celebrated for continuous four days and the slaughter can take part any hour after prayers to the lord. Sweet dishes are also distributed among the neighbours, apart from the meat. Delicious dishes are prepared and families celebrate with great happiness.

It has been 9 long years and not only post marriage, have i been part of these festivals since my childhood, and my heart buries into the whole ceremony of any festival, be it at Christmas(Christian festival) or Id(Muslim festival), Durga Puja or Diwali(Hindu festival). I enjoy every festival from the core of my heart.

I am indeed, very lucky to be able to be a part of any festival, not everyone gets the chance. My kids are also lucky too and they love celebrating all the festivals just like their mom:) On this note, i would like to wish everyone happy holidays and joyous Christmas shopping!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hey guys, i found a way to display the files you're hearing to your gtalk messenger. Its a cool of showing of your collection of music when you're chatting or not. If you have media player downloaded, then you got to work a bit to get things set up but nothing tough.. at first i wasn't getting it to work, but i tried going to the tools, then clicked on the plug-ins option, on which a category and visualisation window opens up. Selected the background and then checked to see if the google talk music plug in is clicked with a correct sign. It wasn't, and maybe that was the reason the music was being displayed in my gtalk. As i checked that box and clicked apply, the music i was listening to on my windows media player showed in the the gtalk. If you don't have the plug in, you got to download it from the web itself.

I then checked the setting for my gtalk, and made sure the audio option had the share music enable. That was all i had to do.. and i enjoy it anyway!

Friends were also excited and i guided them the same way:).. Now its fun, as have can view which music is being played on which of our friends players;)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear friends, nothings right out here for me:(. I cant access PPP anymore from my PC, since i bought a new one. Its been 1 week now and the sites doesn't seem to move into the homepage of the site from the google index page itself. Why is it happening, and what could be the reason? Some months ago, i had recently moved to new place in the same city i live, but then the site worked well on the old PC till i got this new one. It even worked well on the new one for a few days, and then gave in. I don't know if its because of the IP change. Could it be because of that or some other reason!..

I don't think they banned me for i haven't done against which is against the TOS, and if they did, i would have got a warning before. My sign in and home page can be accessed from my sisters PC and the paid and pending payments are still there. So i don't think its a ban.. or could be??? My minds going blank!!.. I am very worried, as most of you know, how important the site is for us bloggers. Most of us moms, throughout the world, we make huge amounts from PPP and it definitely helps towards our families.

I've heard that one can unblock sites blocked to a PC. Could i do that? maybe it will be clear if its a ban or just a block! I am in a mess, for many other reasons and what is this? Another reason to worry about? Hope all works well for me and hopefully the ticket i sent to the IZEA customer care will be answered positively.. End here with crossed fingers! Moms and others we still have lots to work on, thanks to the G-adsense, and others:) But this just isnt fair!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally the grand finale of big boss came to an end on Sunday and the winner was none other than Ashutosh Kaushik, which almost got me raging with anger. Its like a story from rags to riches! He was just small Town owner of a dhaba in Sharanpur, and now he'll be considered a man worth a crore, at least.. Second in line to the prize was Raja who should have won, i felt. Very sad.

The saddest thing that happened last week was the end of the show on colors, as i used to be a dedicated viewer of the show.. all the moments spent with each other was also shown deeply on each of the voted out participants face when they landed up for the finale.. now that they knew who voted, who back stabbed and who criticised each other.

Rahul Mahajan won the bada dilwale(big heart) trophy because he was a pretty big player in the house who knew who should be his next step. The fact, that he decided to leave the house when asked to do a vote out between the last four, for breaking one of the biggest rules(ill come to that later.. ).. of the house, proved that he is a stunning politician with great planning abilities.

Few days before the finale, the four boys left in the house tried to escape due to hunger. There wasn't food for them to eat, it seems.. so as a punishment, big boss asked them to vote against each other which wasn't acceptable to a clever rahul and he opted to move out himself. He got his fame and won the hearts of his new fans in India and abroad!

I felt Raja should have fun because he was witty, smart and very entertaining. That's all for now.. see you against next year when the 3rd season begins;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello everyone! Operation Mojo, premieres on November 22 at 8:00 PM Eastern on Nick. They're the Naked Brothers Band's troupe and your kids love watching them, so don't forget to keep your snacks and sodas ready, and tune in to your favourite channel. Then, you don't want to miss out the brothers tour too, do you? register at the website with your email address and book your tickets in advance, no last moment hassles! There is also a live chat at 7:00 Pm Eastern here at

While on the site, i hope you are enjoying playing games, visiting the boards and leaving the brothers your messages, listen to what they have to say too. A contest is open, and prizes are to be won! Hop there to see some more

They've finished shooting for season 3, and the story goes this way- Alex decides to help Nat get his mojo back which is lost by him(Nat). The problem is that Alex needs someone elses help in doing the job, in addition to self help- he needs your help too!

You may click the picture below is help Alex find the mojo back..



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monica(female) is out of big boss which puts an end to a budding relationship in the house. I am sad i wont be able to watch the reality show after a week, as its coming to an end then, but who will be the winner? lets wait and watch.. I think one of the two, either Rahul or Raja who had played they politics very well and had also been lucky enough to escape been evicted despite being nominated several times, will get to bag the 1 crore rupees.

Coming back to Monica and Rahul(male), the two love birds of the house and their rival Payal(female). Payal did show some pretty deep emotions post her entry, for just a week into the house.. she told the others that Monica may have cast a spell on Rahul because he behaved crazily unlike when he was in the outside world. She said she knew him for seven years as friend and this was not the same Rahul. Maybe it was her jealousy for she too had a soft spot for her friend Rahul! Rahul and Monica carried on their romance least bothering about what others had to say..

Once out, Monica said she did have feelings for Rahul because he was the only one close to her in the house and his love is genuine for her, and we all saw that! She is also aware that this big bad world could create obstacles in both their ways.

The question is, what is Rahul doing in the house now? probably cleaning bathrooms and romancing either Zulfi, Ashu and Raja;).. the four males are left to fight for the prize money this coming week end when the show ends.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This is a very important update about my daughter Alisha after a month since she turned two years on the 18Th of October. Theda of the birthday went very well with our trip around town! I wrote about it on my ealrlier posts.

Since last month, shes shown a vast improvement in her growth, speech and motor skills.

As usual, she still says the "post" and "TV" or "cook" pointing to the computer, television and kitchen, when shes up to her tricks! (shes tells me that when i catch her doing something wrong).. she means to say 'you mind your own business mom'.. haha

Shes scares us with devils and lions, and then scares herself too.. looks into the dark and hides behind me.

She eats her bread by the tip of the slice, in case the butter messes her fingers!! Such a lady, and look at her age?? actually she does copy her mom too much.. hahaha.. and also repeats my words and actions as if to tease me, her mom!!

She wont dare repeat/step on/touch a harmful stunt/object/thing etc, if she remembers me telling her not do it when i say "no baby, don't do it, dirty no?" for eg; the wall- i hate insects and lizards crawling and so does she! and for some reason i feel she understands much more than her age.

Her speech: began to use two/three word phrases like "give baby banana", "go cook", "put TV bheem/pot to-(harry potter)", "come/go ta ta" etc- however, not Consequently but with a pause between her words as most two year old do and am proud my baby speaks english:)

Finger and hand skills: can use her little fingers to do almost everything i cant imagine, like even changing settings of the mobile, and calling up people! but jokes apart she can even type on the keyboard, color with crayons, scribbles 'well' with a pencil, picks each grain of rice lying about, switches of my pc or the TV(grrr), lady-like bread eater..

Other developments: runs, jumps, hops, dances, summer salts, .. thank god i don't have steps at home as i live on the ground floor:).. Shes turning quite spiteful and raises hands when shes scolded!

Games: She has the ability to change any emotion or thing into playtime; one moment she is crying, the next she is grinning with a typical naughty side face! very lively and alert little girl:)

Food habits: Very picky eater, though she eats all normal meals like rice, dal, veggies, meat etc but she loves eggs, pepsi, cake, milk, banana, tea, chips, hajmola, fried potatoes the most of all.

The update is from 18Th of Sept till today 16Th Nov.. hope to update with some more about Alisha's funny sense of humor, this coming 18Th of Nov.

Two babies were sitting in their cribs, when one baby shouted to the other, "Are you a little girl or a little boy?"

"I don't know," replied the other baby giggling.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" said the first baby.

"I mean I don't know how to tell the difference," was the reply.

"Well, I do," said the first baby chuckling, "I'll climb into your crib and find out."

He carefully maneuvered himself into the other baby's crib, then quickly disappeared beneath the blankets.

After a couple of minutes, he resurfaced with a big grin on his face.

"You're a little girl, and I'm a little boy," he said proudly.

"You're ever so clever," cooed the baby girl, "but how can you tell ?"

"It's quite easy really," replied the baby boy,












"You've got pink socks and I've got blue ones."


Monday, November 03, 2008

Trained as an electrical engineer at Tel Aviv University in Israel, Amos Tamam had to encounter a fresh start on his arrival to United States and he began servicing taxicabs in a fleet garage in New York City. Now, after 30 years he is the CEO of Verifone Transportation Systems, Inc. a division of the giant Verifone Corporation and the industry leader in providing the technology and systems that enable taxi fleets to accept credit card payments.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

I enjoyed watching harry potter with my kids the whole of this month,.. i mean every Sunday a part of harry potter is featured on TV and since i had only watched the first part many years ago, now being able to watch with the kids was really an experience so close to my heart. I noticed the parts got more scarier, and to watch in the dark was truly pretty thrilling!! guess what, i put off the lights and made ourselves comfortable, all cuddled up together and no doubt, the winters played a wonderful role in our enjoyment..

There is no need to go to a cinema hall just to watch a harry potter, and probably its not showing at any hall this time or month, but watching it at home on TV itself is fine especially when you have a two year old.. who screams potta potta all the time!! hahahahaha...

Yes that true, Alisha was also excited, screaming potta potta each time harry appeared on screen:).. The whole idea of watching a children's movie with your kids, taking out time from a pretty busy routine brings tears to my heart because these moments will never come again, or never be repeated as kids grow up every day and along with their growth, they also seem to change.. What i mean, only a mother can understand what is sharing tiny pieces of joys with our kids from a young age so that we will never get a chance to regret it later:)

Barely one part finishes, we're excited and looking forward to the other parts, next two are harry potter and the goblet of fire and harry potter and the order of the phoenix... please watch it with your kids if you get the chance too! and scream and laugh with along with them.. but don't scare them like i do;)(wink, wink)

Monday, October 27, 2008

I have a great taste for silver products, be it in silver plated or silver filled.. the shine and luster makes my heart go flutter flutter. If you are a lover of silver cutlery and gift items too, them visit this place for sure. I went through all their products, and i think i have chosen this beautiful elegant candle holder that is an extremely impressive centrepiece for any body's center table and this superb silver plated 4-Piece 'decorative' tea set comprising tea pot, coffee pot, cream jug and sugar bowl with Lid as my favourites. These are also available individually, but would i be able to savour the eternal pleasures of tea and coffee with any one piece, missing??

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If you know someone whose getting married, or if you are marring yourself then cutlery will obviously be one top priority in your shopping list. Or else, gift your close ones lovely crafted silverware to adorn their shelves with, they will be proud of you and your choice!

There are other exclusive gifts for him, her and kids too! Cute table accessories that will help kids enjoy their meal with, or can be gifted to them when babies during baptism, birthdays or while they're growing up. These lovely designer silver gifts will be cherished by them forever. I used to collect souvenirs, tiny cutlery or jewellery from my grandfather as a kid and i still keep them, as they're precious and can never replace even the most expensive and beautiful material in the world!!

The festival of lights, Diwali is being celebrated in India.. Though it is the biggest and important festival of the Hindus, but people of different nationalities, races, religions and backgrounds also come together to celebrate their universal brotherhood and inter-religious harmony, on this day.

What i feel so excited about, is the beautifully lit up streets with lamps called diya's which is done to greet the goddess Lakshmi(goddess of wealth). This goddess is known to visit each home and grant luck and wealth to everyone that welcomes her into their homes, through the open doors and windows.

The festival is celebrated for about five days, and on the third or fourth day the worshiping of the goddess takes place late evening, and sweets and specially made dishes are served to guests and friends who come over to exchange greetings and gifts.

The most, most exciting thing that takes place for even those that are not worshipers is the bursting of fire crackers, and my kids love this part!! I think almost child awaits this festival because of all the lights, food and enjoyment that this festival brings along with it.

But there is lots more to this traditionally celebrated festival, if you want to know more please visit HERE .. I've also known so more i never knew before!! Wish everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali/deepawali!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally the wait is over!! and my baby Alisha has entered into her 3RD year, and is celebrating her 2ND birthday today!! but yes, you also read it right that i wont be celebrating her birthday at home today.. we have changed plans and decided to postpone the party until a few days but will still be celebrating with our whole family, out of home. We(my family) thought, why not give the two year old baby "a baby's day out", an entertainment day only focusing on her and Aryans wishes, instead of inviting guests over today and having a feasting for ourselves;).. We will be taking the kids out, keeping in mind that the children must enjoy the most, as its baby Alishas special day and we also get an excuse to enjoy:)

We have bought her a few sets of clothes and shoes and she will be wearing a golden lacy dress today.. we will be out to enjoy at most of the entertainment parks and children's corners and am sure the kids will enjoy themselves thoroughly:). She will be also allowed to eat all her favourite food but only for the day, or else, it could cause her little tummy some runny problems:)

We will still be celebrating the party after a few days, and a huge one, as i already mentioned:) She will be wearing a fairy/princess drees with a tiara on her head and will look so pretty am sure:).. Will update about the day out, once we are back home, so bye for now.. am off to get ready and go out:)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How does one react to a scorpion sting? Its way to difficult to think of one, isn't it? imagine how two sisters who turned moms, faced these dangers with bravery and not only that, their fear led them to invent a new product called scorpion safe that has been proven to stop scorpions!

Flooded with stories of deadly crawlers in their friends homes, they grew up and married in the the desert southwest itself, but always surrounded with some of the most dangerous creatures.

Time came when one of the sisters found a deadly scorpion crawling up her 6 month old sons crib, and ready to sting him. This creature, a bark scorpion which found in the area has the strongest venom out of many species, and their sting hurts like anything, sometimes even causing complications. The victim can froth from the mouth, numbing sensation, muscle twitching, convulsions and can also have breathing difficulty.

These sisters were determined to put a stop to the dangers could prove fatal to their kids, and set out to research on scorpions. The found that the only material the scorpions couldn't crawl was glass and that was how scorpion safe, a unique baby invention was launched.

The triple thick glass reinforced bottoms ensure support for heavy furniture, while the no slide pads inside the shield secure the furniture legs in place. view the new product in the picture above, just go for it and buy scorpion prevention material if you live in a dangerous zone yourself:).. Visit them here for some more at

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Few months back when my hubby went to madras, he bought back gifts for Aryan and Alisha as i mentioned in my earlier posts. A barbie for Alisha and Play-doh for Aryan, who loved playing with play-doh all the time. I remember he was overjoyed with his new gift and Alisha too. It was her first time, she saw she could mould the doh into any shape and started baking roti on her little rolling board and pin! haha.. she made colorful parathas for us that day:).. Aryan got busy creating ears, hair, teeth, eyebrows, eyes etc with the tools he got in the set and created a very funny clown, and a man with the longest moustache, which he took all over to show off his skills:)

The doh is a very creative tool for kids, to boost their creativity, but its warned that kids dont put the doh into their mouth and parents have to monitor that while the kids play. Its not recommended for kids below 3, but i didn't mind Alisha playing with it as i guided her and never left her alone. They created houses, animals, flowers, and lots more and i was a happy mom, they got something to keep them busy for hours! or else they made too much noise:)

Its a a non-toxic colorful(different colors) modeling clay compound similar in texture to bread dough, and has a sweet fragrance smell(these days) which usually children could mistake for sweets/food. Can be found in different packs, with diffrent creations and colors. Be careful while your kids play, for it can cause choking hazzards, and this is a strict warning to parents.

Stylish new arrivals

The eyes are one of the most important senses and should be equally cared for, like the other senses but a compromise is a huge no! Whenever one gets an opportunity to buy cheap yet best quality eyeglasses from a well known online shopping website, run for the chance i tell you for not only is popular among its customers for its stylish and cheap glasses but it was also known for being famous among the very popular U.S. talk radio host of the nationally syndicated consumer advocate program, The Clark Howard Show and was even recommended by the show.

The ranges Begin at $8, and isn't $8 a magical price for some very stylish single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens? Selling their own manufactured frames to customers directly with hardly any advertising budget is one reason why the frames come at such low prices. They are adamant to give us cheap and best glasses through their sheer hard work, dedication and that's what draws customers to purchase quality products from good companies.

Most teens and even adults love wearing fashionable glasses and am sure theres going to be a clash between the new and old generation who dotes on cheap and best! They wouldn't shell out money unless they product they buy is trusted, so trust zennioptical, and feel free to take your best pick.

You might have seen some positive reports about them on Fox Newx TV, or heard about them on the radio? So why is it only me who recommends them, because its worth being recommended! And the good news is that they're added brand new arrivals at the shop so pick your best soon and see how proud you feel of your lovely choice:)

Monday, October 06, 2008

I have started to bid on eBay! and more than that, i love watching the bids as they rise to weird heights just for nothing good or maybe sometimes somthing great??.. what i mean is that someone people are willing to spend money like water to buy a simple bead, just because it was being auctioned on eBay and people assume that anything sold on the site is always valuable at any cost..

I don't mean to offend because i've also seen the pros, other than the cons about bidding or buying from the site.. i've seen good products going for good prices too! But i still don't understand what clicks on eBay, and as everyone knows everything that glitters is not gold! Sometimes they sell beautiful pieces of jewellery at such low rates with impressing description about the each piece of it but i wonder which of the products are worth it.. which are not.. its upto you to help me at this:)

Which of these, catches your eye instantly? This is just for my personal information..

1. The free shipping items.. are they always worth it?

2. Auctions going for $1, and free shipping.. worth it?

3. EMI way of payment.. Do they charge extra on the total?

4. Which seller on eBay international and eBay India is the best?

5. Best eBay store in any category you like most..

Modern technology is simply fabulous, and i have also recently heard about ILASIK and how easy and fast the procedure is, which uses two lasers instead of one as in earlier versions of the procedure.

LASIK technology has been beneficial to NASA and the U.S. military for years now through the performance of their mission-critical personnel.“The DOD and NASA have validated the fact that today’s LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness,” said Steven Schallhorn, M.D., a retired U.S. Navy captain and leader of clinical research and studies done for the DOD regarding the use of LASIK. And he has also recommended the surgery, so come, lets see how to whole procedure is carried out and how safe it is, below:

Out of few stages, the unique characteristics of an individual eye is mapped through wave-front technology. Then a corneal flap is created by a ultra fast, computer-guided laser. This laser replaces the handheld microkeratome blade used in older forms of LASIK and makes the procedure exceptionally safe. The wave-front guides the second laser for vision correction, after the creation of the first flap. The combination of these advanced laser technologies creates a custom-fit procedure clinically proven to provide excellent safety and visual results.

Not only how safe is the procedure but how its also recommended by 100% of naval aviators to fellow naval aviators, as they have undergone the operation themselves. 100 military personnel showed that 95% achieved 20/20 uncorrected vision or better through a military’s evaluation of LASIK information


I've been using entrecard since months now and i used to be an active dropper then, but due to stress and less time i am not able to use it much. Though i still have drops on my blog, i feel disappointed when i cant return drops. Its really tough at times when i do drop on a blog and something draws me to remain on the blog minutes before i leave, i even like leaving comments if a post captures my mind but that itself occupies all the time i save up for entredrops. Somehow i manage to do some posts but that is not sufficient for my blog, i know:)

Now entrecard has drawn some more attention, as they're hosting a contest and giving away lovely prizes in the form of credits and advertising space. 70,000 Entrecard Credits to be given away!

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If you ask me which prize i want to win, naturally I'd like to win the first prize!! Who doesn't want to win the first prize as its always the best one:).. but even if i don't, then hope i win the 2ND prize or 20,000EC from Freebie Reporter at least:)

Thanks for this wonderful contest and hope that many more will be taking part, but hurry guys, theres 5 days left!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

How can one improve himself unless he is willing to accept his abilities, his capability and self power? Its often heard that if one has the willpower and belief in himself, then nothing on earth can stop success and happiness from stepping into his life but many people have such a negative approach towards life, they land nowhere. Now with the help of subliminal tapes, one can control weight, manage stress, rid fears, earn new skills, enhance creativity and benefit lots more into your life.

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What you get from the tapes?

The benefits: 1-year money back guarantee unlike other companies who give you just 30days, which is not sufficient for noticing results.
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Do you know, not only the ordinary people use the subliminal mp3, athletes and coaches use them to enhance performance and promote positive mental attitudes. Business people use the tapes for motivation and stress relief. Now its your turn, to experience life at a higher level with the subliminal tapes.

Durga puja is the biggest festival of Calcutta, because it is here that the majority of Bengali's live. It is celebrated to worship mother Durga, the Goddess of power (Shakti). Throughout Calcutta you will find huge pandals where the goddess is kept for all eyes to see and worship. People dressed at their best will celebrate the days of puja will great pomp and gaiety. They go visiting pandals throughout the city, eating out delicious Bengali stuff, enjoying devotional music and socializing with loved ones. It is celebrated for five continuous day, and on the last day the idol of Durga Ma is immersed in the river or sea which marks the end of the Durga puja festival.

I myself have been visiting these pandals with my close ones as its really beautiful especially when viewed at night. The colorful lighted streets are a delight to watch. They sometimes build structures out of different materials, sometimes it is bamboo, mud, biscuits, bangles, clay pots, matchsticks, sea shells, colorful glass and many more interesting materials. When the movie titanic had been released, they even built the titanic ship! It was a marvelous structure and it should have won, because, sometimes contests are out for the best built pandal.

The the city is filled with festivity fever even before the main day, from months before. Shopping goes on like anything, building of pandals, collecting Chanda(money), cleaning out houses and so much more activity. I am sure tourists coming to Calcutta during the Puja festival will surely enjoy, its really fun to be in Calcutta during this time.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

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You can also check out other cars at Its always advisable to research before you buy anything, like knowing other peoples point of views so that one gets assured and will be aware of the pros and cons of the automobile or product he is buying. Nobody wants to regret decisions these days, isn't it? All the best for buying your dream car, too:)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I took my kids to the mall close by to my home and bought them few more things, very last minute shopping:) As i said i hate to be incomplete.. hehe..

Know what? the roads were too slushy with the rains but i had to walk a while with the kids when am alone(hubby at work). I Love showing Alisha all the street animals and she loves each one of them to the core for while being carried, she tries to run out of my hands and pet them, but i don't allow her due to hygiene reasons. She calls the dogs "bow, bow", cats "Cath", birds are crows, even the parrot is a crow!.. hahaha

While on the way home, dropped into my sisters place as she lives close by and Alisha was mesmerised by the parrot she has as a pet. She spoke to the parrot in a language even i couldn't understand but the parrot did.. for sure.. as it was nodding its head at every word she said and mind you, the parrot is a tame one that talks too. Alisha told the parrot water, food, sleep, come, home, don't do.. All understood by the parrot:)

I was dead tired after the long stroll with the two naughty devils and both never missed out the chance to harass me, as usual;) Got back home and sat to blogging, saw that many opps had past away from my hands while i was gone.. all turned grey. So another tiresome day ended and a dead tired me, is off to sleep now!

Do you know of someone who used to be in contact with you, but seems their phone number or address are no longer available?

Well you will find plenty of sites from where you can search for people but they are sometimes too expensive. I hope you will now be satisfied with a people search service site here, which doesn't charge a penny, and that means you can now search your lost relatives or friends for free!

All you have to do is type out crucial information about the person, like his name and state where he lives, and they will do their best to provide more information about the person. At the present, searches for United States and Canada are only supported but in the future you may be able to search the world. So get reconnected now!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yesterday i went for Id shopping, and thank god my whole shopping was complete! hehe because usually i end up with some missing accessories like matching earrings, hair bands, some other tiny things.. I like to be a perfectionist, you know, in terms of everything. So if i find i have anything missing, the tendency to feel incomplete appears and irritation occurs, and then i cant enjoy myself thoroughly. As every pieces would agree;)?

The market was pretty crowded because the place where i live, west Bengal, will be celebrating not only Id-ul-fitr but also Durga Puja(important Hindu festival). So you see, the Muslims are celebrating Id tomorrow and just four days after that, the Bengali's(other religion of Calcutta) will be celebrating Durga Puja. I don't celebrate puja but just like to go pandal hopping and will explain about it in my next few posts:).

From the market, i bought lovely frocks/skirts/tops for Alisha, some shirts and jeans for Aryan. My husband and myself shopped for ourselves too. Both the kiddies enjoyed lots eating away, but Alisha was a bit irritated with the crowds. We landed home, ate and dozed off like a log... ZZZ.. I dreamed about Alisha's birthday plans.. hehehehe.. That's also surely going to be a pretty exciting shopping too!!

Here at a online sports videos site, i recalled memories of my sports injuries which i can never forget. At this SportsVids site, lots of other sports videos are embedded to recall any of your memories too. Now for my story below..

I was a sports crazy person back in school and as the leader of my house i had some responsibilities, lots of them, so that my team was able to win the cups and medals. In 2007, the basketball practice began. We scored quite a few points in the first round and was quite happy but during the mid of the second, i suddenly felt a pin pain in my head like i always used to feel but never bothered. As i felt so dizzy and felt like fainting i saw my opponent charging towards me with the bounding ball and all of a sudden there was a loud thud, bang and her head butted mine! I thought i died that day but the lord saved me, i was rushed to the school hospital and i was put to rest for a few days. Was advised to visit an eye doctor to find out the reason for the unusual pains.

On the day of the main basketball match, i hurt my toes and my little toe bled profusely under my sports shoe. Felt the pain, which was terrible, yet i ran bounced, ran bounced and scored some points for my team, at least. Though they advised me not to take part i was reluctant and we went on to win:) But i can never forget about my sports injuries even today, it has created a huge impact on my life for whenever i watch any sport, i look for some crazy injuries that are likely to happen anytime.

Out of all the videos, i liked one that somewhat effected my life forever and you will know why when you take a look. It has some serious injuries and how you get them while in a game. You must also upload some of your videos, whether its your child’s first homerun or any sports clips. Am sure it would be loved:)

Sports Injuries - Click here for more sports videos


I remember there used be a huge green bed of land surrounding my home as a child, where a a huge garden lay right in front of my house and it used to be there, that i spent most of my time while on vacations from boarding school.

My mom used to do her gardening whenever she was free from caring for my brother who was little at that time, and she loved all the flowers too, like her own children:) believe me, when you talk to your plants or sing to them, they grow better. Seeing her, i used to be loving them too and observed they responded by growing beautifully!We grew lots of other plants other than flowers but that i'll be posting few posts later.

I had my own side of the garden where i experimented with my plants but as I couldn't dig into the ground, my mom got me gardening pots to do the job. I used to add layers of mud and other mixture into the pot, then plant the seeds below a final layer of mud, but thank god, i never needed to water the plants because my maid done the needful every morning/evening. I couldn't be carring water all the way to he pots;) It would spill and get me a trashing.. hehe.. But yeah when the plants grew way big to keep growing in the pots, mom put them into the ground:)

The garden was always attractive with seasonal plants all throughout the year, like roses, water lilies, marigold, balsam, bougainvillea, bleeding hearts, anthurium, sunflowers, carnations, jasmine, china rose buds, and lots more.. I use to chase away the butterflies from the flowers thinking they were eating them up! hahaha

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dancing in the big boss house

Hahaha whats makes me laugh even right now, is the fun going on at big boss with Rahul Mahajan and Raja Chowdhury fighting like cats and dogs.. they were given a task the other day, and it had to be carried out by both, who dressed themselves like Drona, a charator from Abhisheks Bachchan's coming movie. The story: Good over Evil.. so Drona vr's Evil had to fight it out.. that meant Rahul verse's Raja.. But something went wrong and Instead of good over Evil, it resulted in Evil winning over good.. hahaha..

I cant express how i was in splits while the whole fight was on. Earths enemy won over the saviour! yeah, Raja and Rahul started out fighting with swords like in the movie but slowly they moved onto to boxing each other but all with fun, and Raja who is known to be very hot tempered and who takes to fighting for any reason, cought rahul by his legs and dragged him all aroud. Poor Rahul, he was so embarrassed but luckily Zulfi came to his aid.. finally both, Rahul and Raja hugged and ended the cat fight. It was an awesome cat fight i had seen on reality TV! hehe..

Rahul is our late politician BJP leader Pramod Mahajan's son and now he is a politiction himself!!! But hes a very down to earth and helpful person, has no airs like many others and he comes across as very childish. I must also mention that Rahul also cleans the toilets of the big boss house, and he doent mind dancing like a clown in his bath robe(he cant dance;)) He is nominated every week but maybe luck is with him for hes still in the house.

Raja is our tv actress shweta's ex husband, who is known to beat her while they were married which was the reason for their divorce. But he is also very friendly and has opened up lots since the day he first came on the show. Seems to win over his other housemates by his fun nature, for when he was evicted this friday.. he was missed, and the whole house remained quiet. Normally he is upto all sorts of things.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

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Friday, September 26, 2008

I have seen people with piercings almost covering every part of the body and i always wonder what pleasure does it give a person. I have only three piercings, i mean one on my nose where i wear my gold nose pin and on my ears but i cant bare to think of a navel one or in some other part of the body! I always feel my hair raise when i see a piercing either on TV or real. It seems so unpleasant to the eyes, yet i cant understand how and why people pierce in places that can be extremely risky like inside the mouth. Whatever it is, if it looks and makes a person feel good, just take care of your piercing:)

When a piercing is done, it pains alot and on the next day it pains even more. I hope you agree friends? i must advice you to wash the area with warm water as you awake in the morning so that its clean of puss and clotted blood, after that don't forget to apply some good antiseptic cream ASAP. It should dry up within less than a month completely.

The mouth is the most important part you got to care for, so remember after eating and drinking, always wash your mouth with some alcohol-free, or antiseptic mouth solution.

But most of all, always make sure you use safely methods. You know what i mean? Never pierce with used needles and go for sterile methods. If you have pierced your skin lately, do let me know, and till then.. I will be back with lots more on body piercing soon:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Disney movies along with their soundtracks, and most of all the characters without whom the movies couldn't have been created have left a great impact even now as adults. I remember during my school years we used to literally delve into the characters of the Disney world while enacting plays on stage. All that was made possible by watching the actual Disney shows repeatedly and even now whenever i get the chance i watch them with my kids who are fans of Disney themselves. Below i have listed my top favourites, and as i take you down memory lane, why don't you leave me your favourites too as it would be wonderful to know how much of our tastes actually match:)

1.Cinderella- The sister who was bullied by her step sisters but won the heart of her prince charming.

2.Disney Princesses- Other than Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Snow white, Ariel, are what every girl would wish to be like. Love their gowns, and grace:)

3.Mickey mouse- I love his clothes and especially his big round ears.

4.Donald Duck- I like his pout, his tail and the way he talks. His feet too!

5.Pinocchio- The wood boy who turns real boy, and his nose grows only with a lie. The story still captures ones heart even today.

6.Ariel- The lovable mermaid, as everybody already knows.

7.Aladdin- The handsome lad who has the heart of Jasmine, his princess and bautiful soulmate.

8.Winnie the Pooh- I feel like hugging him whenever i watch him. hehe.

9.Colors of the Wind(Pocahontas)- Melodious and has great lyrics and the video is amazing too. One of my favourite songs.

10.A Whole New World(Aladdin)- Loved Jasmine and the handsome Alladin in this magical song.

11.The Jungle Book- One of my favourite movies, which features Mowgli the infact who was found and raised by jungle animals.

12.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- I like the cute dwarfs, and because they helped Snow white, they are more admired:)

13.Mary Poppins- Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins is marvelous. I have watched this movie several times and each time was a real treat.

14.The Lion King- love all the animals and when my kids watch the show, they all energized dancing and jumping around.

15.Alice in Wonderland- Alice and every other charactor from the movie simply takes one into a world of exciting adventures.

BTW i found you game lovers a new game called Disney Bingo, where Adults can even play. The game also gets kids to focus on their numbers, colors, and matching skills with their favorite Disney characters and movie clips. I'll tell where you can find the game, its the or sites from where you can make your purchase once you choose any game you like. I think these games will be a treat to play when we watch our characters coming to lives and dancing to the tune of our fingers;)

You better know Disney, and all its knowledge for when you challenge your family and friends to some Disney trivia, you got to buck up too:) Its going to be really exciting to play:) So whats your favourite Disney?


Baby Alisha who turned 23 months(on the 18 of Sept), is totally adored by her parents for all the sweetness, cleverness and funniness that she possesses. These days shes pleading me, says "peash, peash" and no, that's no french word for me but simple English which actually means please, please.. and she does it so cutely with folded hands when she needs anything and am not paying attention! hahaha.. shes been watching her elder sibling Aryan do it several times when he needs something to be done and now shes coping him without knowing the meaning, or maybe even knowing.. and i cant imagine how clever babies are getting:)

Her new words this month are baby, bum, com ma(come here), butter, jam, cat, birdie, bath, go, bobby, die(buy), bread, poto(potato), rice, boo boo(ghost), kool(school), wata(water), poll(fall), catsh(catch), as i remember more of the past months.. ill update:)

She watched any baby on TV, she points and says momaiya(that's me), papaiya(her papa) and baby(herself) and of course still dances like Jennifer Lopez and Malaika Sharavat(she gives those bum shakes).. hehe.. her favourite kids serial on tv is Krishna(Indian god), tom and jerry, bheegi billi and bheem( a child character) on cartoon and pogo channels. I forgot shes crazy over her boyfriend 'BEN TEN' for shes always mumbling ban tan, ban tan.. and shakes her bottom, hips when the title song plays:)

Loves drinking Pepsi and eating chips, also loves butter so much that she eats spoons of them.

Hates to tie ponytail(sigh).. i always wished to tie beautiful ribbons on her ponytail but shes always nods her head and screams at me:(.. even if i succeed, she tosses it. Am growing her hair for her birthday and i hope she allows me to do her hair. Anyone got any idea? mommies, come on , give me some useful ideas please;)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yesterday marked the completion of 23 months of baby Alisha and its time i put up a countdown to her birthday which is about a month from now.. i have started planning out the guest list, food menu, decorations, snacks and drinks list, what we would be wearing and what my baby will be wearing because i don't want to miss out on a single wish of mine.

I remember we didn't have anything big for her on her first birthday, it was just a simple party with a cake, some snacks and we had it at my mom-in-laws place where i was staying at that time. No one, except my brother had come. In fact we had planned it that way. This year i am so happy and energised to go shopping for a double excitement, as its not only her birthday but before that we will be celebrating Id-UL-fitr(will write about it soon)

Will also update this post as plans start to take off..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I recently encountered a problem with my stats i was totally out of knowledge about which web track i should go for, when now i have found a site that monitors free Web Stats graphical statistics and any other information of individual visitors and their activity on any web site.

iWebTrack being the only hosted web analytics company that offers a truly private label reseller program has voiced its comments on how other tracking services have received acquisitions by acquisition. To name some of them, IndexTools, ClickTracks and WebTrends are those that market themselves as as private label reseller programs but in real they are merely affiliate programs.

White label by index tools restricts holding rights to their customers, also restrict customer prising. Index tools restrict minimum and maximum value to customers and charge fees from resellers, as per customer basis.

iWebtrack have no restrictions for resellers and offer a flat monthly fee. They provide flexibility and the tools to resellers to utilize the product as they own. Their Private Label partners craft their own customized web analytics package as well as given the rights to create special multiple pricing tiers.

What is known of iWebTrack is that they differentiate with a truly private label reseller opportunity vs. a glorified affiliate program.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recently i read an article on a news website about a mobile ring tone which was supposed to be the most download and listening to worldwide. I read that it was composed in India but was creating waves international too, like in India .. i felt so proud and started my search for the ring tone, but so engrossed in my search for the ring tone as soon as i c*l*c*k*e*d on the link that spelled the ring tone(sorry cant type it here) my PC suddenly rebooted, only to find a virus alert pop up on the restart. It said virus alert, c*l*i*c*k on the link to remove.. what made matters worse was when in nervousness, i moved my mouse over it and pops ups took over my PC.. best or worst part, it was only when i landed on the index page from where i tried searched for the ring tone. I saw that Google actually had a link below saying 'This site can harm your PC'.. I was doomed, why the hell i didn't see that before?? that was because i actually found the link on one of the news sites itself but again when i landed on the index page, i saw the alert link there. Had i been to the index page at first i would have known about the virus.

Let me tell you, it was not an ordinary virus.. within two hours my PC was dead( with restarts and pop ups) I felt like slow poison, and quit attempting to continue use of my PC. The virus wasnt allowing any antivirus to scan, not even the one i had downloaded. Now its all ok with a recent format:).. Thank god.

I would like to advice my visitors never to c*l*i*c*k on any link without knowing what they will be getting into, i mean check before, to see whether Google had labelled the site as harmless or with harmful alerts. They will warn you if the site could harm your computer with a link like this 'This site could harm your computer' and i think its very helpful. I fell into the trap once, but wouldn't like to see you fall so please take my advice:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

I have been a lover of sea food all my life but my kids are simple eaters and don't prefer rich(too spicy) meals served to them. This Sunday, i thought i will prepare a sea food recipe which i got online.

This week being too hectic, the most exciting thing I've done is voting for my favourite sea food recipe at and am hoping the recipe bags the prize! Five recipes, all equally delicious but some didn't suit my taste buds. Of course, one look at them and you know which one will turn out a scrumptious meal. But, i finally chose my favourite recipe from the site to try out.

I chose the Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion
with Seafood Dirty Rice dish by Chef John Currence as my favourite. The recipe is from the state of Mississippi, no wonder its included in the title. This particular dish has a variety of ingredients and meat. The recipe has red fish, shrimp, crab meat, bacon and lots of other ingredients. I would replace bacon with chicken breast as i don't consume bacon, and i think chicken would taste equally good. I also liked the idea of complimenting the meal with rice. I will definitely add chicken breast, minus beer to my dish, unlike in the recipe and i am confident it wouldn't taste any different from the actual recipe. The other recipes use too many sauces which is difficult to find here in India but this specific recipe has everything i can get from the daily market close by.

I have taken such interest in the great cook off contest and am even adamant to try the recipe at home. In my opinion i always prefer domestic seafood for sustainable reasons and when there is fresh sea food around you, it brings the best chef out in you!

Guys, i forgot to mention that there is a contest going on at, where you got to vote for your favourite recipe. Your luck strikes, you may win a package prize which is a trip to the Orleans. There is more than just the trip so visit soon and vote. Now you know the reason for my double excitement:)


Sunday, September 07, 2008

I use aroma oils to massage my skin to rejuvenate it, to strengthen it and to get rid of all my stress. According to me, olive oil, lavender oil, rose oil, sandal wood oil, peanut oil.. these are the best aroma oils which are pretty essential oils that help improve skins quality.

One can treat themselves at home itself, doesn't have to be at a spa salon or some other place. You can do a self massage if there's no one around:) Just after a shower when the skin is soft and damp, take some oil in the palm of your hand.. say about a few drops and not half the bottle(mind you), and rub into your skin from the neck downwards. Don't stress yourself when you do your massage and keep your mind relaxed. It surely works wonders to your skin, keeping it sweet smelling and healthy looking.

I always say that drinking water, at 6 to 8 glasses a day is also essential for your skin. A healthy diet is also important or no matter how you try to treat your skin it wont work. As every living thing needs food and water, our skin needs that's too so we need to feed our skin. Never hesitate to follow some great advice from your elders or you will find lots of information on the web itself and you can attain and sweet healthy looking skin.

Very soon i will bring you some massage techniques so come back soon:)

I have been a lover of furniture since my childhood days. Loved admiring newly designed furniture sets put up for display inside showrooms, while on my way back home from school etc.. but as the years pass, i notice furniture prices dropping frequently while the quality arises. You wont get to know unless you surf around the Internet, because the Internet provides information about the cheap and best.

You may be a restaurant owner, a event planner, or maybe looking out for furniture to decorate your own home. knows what you're looking for, even if its nightclub Furniture. Enjoy the free room planner section on their site as it will give you an idea of how to create more space for your home or furniture arrangements for free.

On the site, your eyes wont believe the variety of gorgeous designs and colors. Each of these pieces are always in stock but in case any time it isn't. A button near the image will alert you. There are also some crazy deals which you shouldn't ignore. Delivery in the USA takes around 4-5 days, and across to 48 continental states. So, plan your events and facilities with gorgeous furniture, right away.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I am a big fan of reality shows, currently a very big fan of big boss season 2.. but before i posted something about the show when it first appeared on air, i thought of watching the first few episodes.. was watchable then, but its beginning to take on a pretty boring twist.. at least compared to season 1.. big boss is the Indian format of the international celebrity big brother. Year before last, Shilpa Shetty landed up at the Big Brother house.. this year it was Jade Goody at the big boss house. The difference was that Shilpa won the big brother show while Jade had to unexpectedly, leave the show within two days of her stay, due to a diagoinsed cancer.

I was very excited when i knew she'd be staying along with the Indian inmates. I wondered what it would be for a foreigner to live, and eat Indian spicy food along with the others and even cook, clean and play childish games at the big boss house.. Oh it would've been quite amusing really, if only.. jade stayed back..

Rahul Mahajan and his two lady love/friends, Monica Bedi and Payal Rotahgi are some of the interesting inmates on the show. The blooming love story between Rahul and Monica, or Rahul and Payal? Sorry to say one of them was voted out on Friday! The other inmates, don't talk about them.. they all two carefull and alert this time.. I feel, they're wearing on plastic personalities all the time, because none is trying to open up and create a blast at the house. I mean, being locked up inside a house not able to see the outside world, who wouldn't want to go out of the way to have fun.. Sambhavna, a dancer does create some fuss, tantrums and that's what livens up the show. but the rest does get on my patience. Doesn't everyone have a different side, especially in different situations? But no, they're trying to be their level best, and having appeared on TV, all of them are very good actors i must say(with anger.. he he)

I think if they aren't going to open up, at least big boss should do something to bring out the different sides in them. The show should turn bold, spicy and lively!! Big boss do something please.. I think you got the season one to play bold games, why such childish games this time? I admired Rakhi Sawant in the season 1, for allowing us to know a completely different Rakhi, other than the bold one we knew.. A tantrum queen and down to earth Rakhi.

Which personality is about to impress us this time? lets wait and watch.. a long way to go.. wish to see Shakti Kapoor, Sherlyn Chopra, Jhanvi Kapoor and other popular people on big boss.. and yeah, am still a big fan of big boss:)

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