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Monday, March 30, 2009

Fruits in bowl

It rained yesterday, and i was loving every moment of it. The rain drops fell on my skin as i put my hand out of my balcony and then i splashed the droplets on my face and felt great about it:-). We haven't had rains since months.. hehe.. yeah because it was winters and it doesn't rain here during that season :-) Ok, and i guess the mango season has already begun. The trees are already budding, and little green mangoes peep out at me. This is when i love having those raw mangoes with salt and chilli power! It creates a stinging sensation to your teeth after eating them yet i love the sourness in my mouth. You just have to close your eyes when your eat them, not passionately but when your teeth stings! haha..

Oh, i love ripe mangoes too! healthy and tasty, huh?, and when not over ripe. But i tell you, some ripened mangoes can be tasteless too :-).. its said the mangoes were first introduced in Asia, and moved on other countries but it still remains the largest producers of mangoes :-)

Benefits of mangoes:
That's right that nothing compares to mangoes when its in season. Raw mango is a valuable source of vitamin C. Mangoes also contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C, fatty acids, carbohydrates and minerals and rich in anti-oxidants. Though low is calories, they are high in natural sugar. After a session of exercise, take a serving of mango and it will help replenish your body's salts, vitamins and energy.

I've also heard that mangoes is a great cure/ relief for common problems like anemia, bleeding gum's, constipation, cough, fever, nausea, sea sickness and to help with weak digestion. The peel can also be used to exfoliate your dead skin.

Best eaten when cut into cubes, or juiced in a processor. I normally just flip it into the processor, add a little water, some cardamon powder and ice-cubes and gulp it down. It refreshes my entire system in second :-)
Budding mango trees(mango flowers)

In my words i describe it as delicious, aromatic, nutritious and excellent fruit.. Do you crave for mangoes too? :-)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All the mothers and wives in the world love shopping for their families and when there is a sale around the corner or even some miles away from home, moms dont mind traveling miles just to grab the best products and apparels of high quality. Provided she gets them at the best rate ever. But with the changing economy times when things are going from bad to worse and people have been terminated from jobs, and forced to submit resignations. In this tough phase, moms don't mind utilizing the same effort and money for provisions at home. Moms and wives, both are the one's who are fighting it out courageously to help balance expenditure and happiness in their homes.

We as moms, deserve a great shopping delight in this stressed out time of our lives when this would help us relax our minds a bit and Sears the one and only power house of sales, understands it very well. No wonder, they're offering 75-80% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES ON FALL & WINTER APPAREL from now till April 18th! Its an opportunity never to be overlooked because shopping would never be this sweet again. Its tough to believe that sale cuts can rise that high, but its truly gives the feeling of gratitude towards the folks at buster moms who are helping all the Busted Moms keep aside their worries for a little while at least. They understand how important it is for moms to have that self-indulgence once in a while, especially when troubles pour in.

You can follow buster moms on twitter now at @bustedmoms, and thank them for their concern and support they have put into our family's well being.

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I have to say with a tearful heart i missed everyone so much while i was away not doing so well on my blog since months.. i had to give priority to family and my toddler, and moms of toddlers know how important it is to give every minute to their children at this stage :-).. Today i feel saddened to remember the old friends i had, when i first joined here in 2007. These friends haven't been active or quit blogging for some reason or the other. Everybody has to move on in life and i guess these ambitious bloggers too, have something to accomplish before they're back. But they remain in our hearts always.. :-)

The award to be given to my newest and special friends, coming up in a few posts from now :-)

Waliz- the young lady who was always friendly and supportive of me and other friends.. i remember when she was presented with the special award i created only for her, she was overjoyed and insisted i be the first one to honor her with the award on the 1'st of jan 2008!! that was touching to the core, and before that we had already shared tags, awards and a very close friendship too. The award isn't available because i removed the image accidentally from its place and ill put it back here within a few days :-)

Sweetiepie- was always supportive, a very sweet friend, and mother who wrote about her very adorable kids. During my disheartening moments when i couldn't be active on my blog, she used to give great comfort with her soothing words by saying not to worry and the friends would always be there, and that family is also important to be taken care of. I had thought she had quit too, but was happy to know she's very much blogging even now when i stumbled across her new domain two days ago!!

Ayush- whose blog isnt online anymore but those who know him, am sure they'll agree he was a very ambitious young guy, very popular in the blogosphere. The days i began my journey towards blogging, he was every step of the way, helping me with things i wasn't aware of in the blogosphere. I was lucky to have a friend like him.

Dann- was one of the sweetest and friendliest guys out here who never ever forgot to leave me a comment daily even if by chance i couldn't post or turn up at his blog, yet he never failed to show love to me and other friends, his blog itself at 'love hub' showed how lovable he was himself.

I wish those above, and also others who i've known, are back to blogging soon! miss them so much.. :-)

Miss you too- Mr-viruz, raaji, nihal, mica, faizal, ali, aunt nora. azzlynn, lalaine, and others..

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ive read in the mag magazines and over the web that that women tend to get wrinkles after the age of 35 to 40.. but recently i looked into the mirror and spotted some facial expressions which has got me into a lot of thinking. Though the fine lines are hardly noticeable and just in the initial stage of formation, i think its time for me to include a healthy skin rejuvenating regime into my lifestyle, so as to slow down the process of anti-aging and make me look younger by the time am already 40! Along with the products i use for other face and body purposes, i'll should be caring for my skin too, because a healthy skin is what matters. I no longer dream to have those beautiful eyes or lips i admired on my favorite actress Nicole kidman. In fact, now i dream to have ever-youthful skin and and that i think should satisfy me completely. I've already damaged my skin too much with those sleepless nights and tiresome days and can no longer withstand the damages. Its time i rectify the beauty mistakes i had made when i was in my teens because i wouldn't care for my skin then, and wouldn't clear of my make up before i slept. Now while in my late 20's, additional negligence of my skin could cause these hardly visible wrinkles to form deeper and i got to do something soon.

The web is the best place to find all the information needed for health and beauty care and these are the two factors extremely important in a woman's life, so we must take a look into the products available online to find us something suitable. I just stumbled across a great website where both men and women get can a complete insight into the Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System, a method combining the use of three high powered, uniquely effective formulas on a daily basis for a 30-45 day period.

Based on the scientific process behind the three main ingredients that powers the whole system, i think now customers should be relatively satisfied upon the research of their product.

The three main ingredients of the Complete Rejuvenation System are Matrixy, Renovage and SesaFlash. Below are some factors behind the product.

Matrixy- had proven dramatic results the longer the product was used and maintained by women. It stimulates the very factors in the skin which we lose as we grow old, Collagen and Fibronectin. The loss of collagen is what leads to thinning skin and the wrinkling that we associate with aging skin.

Renovage- helps promote the skin's natural protection and repair factors involved in anti-stress, detoxification, DNA. An anti aging serum that works on the DNA levels of the origin of youth and targets the cell factors which guarantee lifespan and youth.

SesaFlash- is an immediate effect tightening agent that instantly soothens and tightens wrinkles without discomfort to the skin. Its an original patented molecular combination that has been selected following the combination of the creator's expertise in pharmaceuticals, polymers and biology.

Financially at a crisis, sometimes people neglect their skin care routine but i feel with the tempting Economic Bailout For Your Skin, regardless of the amount, the offer is highly appreciated. You must read it to know a lot more :)


Lilypie Kids birthday TickerLilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker
The pics are re sized to fit on the page, so may not be very clear :-)

Oh, am sleepy.. why did they have to awake me.. yaaaaawnnn..
I cant even relish these peanuts i stole..

Am looking for peanuts:)

Got to eat, hope no ones spying!

Hey mom, dont shoot me!

I'm sleepy, naughty mom!


Born on Oct, 2006 this little girl above is my daughter Alisha and will soon be 3 years, coming Oct! I last wrote about her when she was 26 and you can find out about her here on the Baby Alisha category. I should be writing her monthly updates ;)

Language- learnt to talk like a parrot, says "go to sleep, don't say" nodding her head left to right, when i tell her to close her eyes and sleep and she doesn't want to! ha-ha... i guess by the time she's three years old, she'll be able to frame the sentences well.

Pretend play- She does the pretend play very well and bathes me, pats on powder, make-up with a pen, clothes. And of course when am turned my back away, shes taken out my make up and dressing herself. She takes my handbag and walks to the door saying "bye, i going house"... now whose house is she in then? :-)

She cooks my face, hands and legs! he he... yeah she first watches it, then adds the masalas, burns the oil and fries me!! And then eats me too... offering me, my own self to eat!! So i call it a new dish named "Nisha Fry"... am rolling on the floor with laughter right now.. hahaha

Shes loves going for outings and strolls with her dad, and counts the cats, dogs, crows, vehicles and knows the difference between one and many. One means 1, but many means 2... her innocence is lovable and adorable just her :)

Emotions- Gets upset over things and screams over us if we talk harshly to one another, i guess she understands those quarrels and when i spank her brother, she goes to the brother and cajoles him saying "don't beat, bobby nice na?" and then says " mommy, naughty girl".. hahaha... that's because i always call her that when shes up to tantrums. Bobby is my son, Aryans, nickname :-)

Food- Her fave new items for snacks apart from food are chicken Maggi, halwa, jelebi, puris, parathas, fried potatos, peanuts, soyabean(nutrela), finger chips, pizzas and other non-veg snack items :)

Television- Her fave new cartoons apart from tom and jerry, ben ten are haugemaru, courageous-the brave dog, johny bravo, eddy, power puff girls, miffy and friends, and some more... and shes also loves balika vadhu and uttaran on colors!!

Shes a very loving, caring, careful, understanding and alert child. One who will never attempt the things i warn her for, like leaning over the balcony, touching plug holes etc... yet am more alert than her, because at this age, the mind isn't that focused and she may sometimes forget my warnings... And you can’t trust a two year old especially for how inquisitive and curious they can get :-)

Come back here to give baby (i call her Baby, it’s her nickname)... all your love and blessings and wish your kids love and blessings too :-)

Advice for moms of 2 year olds:
If your kids just learnt two word sentences, she'll gradually learn to speak three, four, five and many words added to the sentences by the time shes 3.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My 13 years old younger sister Amanda is an extremely avid fan of the celebrity, Miley Cyprus. I'm sure everybody knows her? She is well known amongst the kids wide world and she is none other than, Hannah Montana the teen that stars on the kids channel nickelodeon on television. When my sister had come home for the Christmas vacations, i couldn't believe her transformation from a little girl into a lady. Deeply influenced by the television star, she was singing and praising the star throughout her holidays. When we four siblings(Amanda, younger brother, elder sis and myself) got together to spend time talking and having fun, there were precious moments i will never forget when my elder sister recorded a 10 minute video while my younger sister sang and danced away in glee. She also used a mike which comes with a mini piano keyboard set and my younger brother handled the music on the keyboard impressively. I wish i could show it to all of you but the video is quite huge in size and can't be uploaded here!! We had so much of fun that day and since that day, my kids and myself have turned into Nickelodeon addicts too! Amanda had even recorded messages like "As soon as I step on that stage, nothing matters. I don't think of it as work. It's just so much fun"... those were the messages she tried to imitate and a lot more. So sweet of her, we still listen to the messages while she's away at school.

Here is the best widget where everyone including myself will be able to vote for my sisters favorite television star, which is for the Kids' Choice Awards. The other favorite teen actor of mine is the star Harry Potter but i'll prefer voting for the aspiring young Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana), who is my sisters idol. You can also vote for different categories like your favorite cartoon, female athlete, realty show, singer, video games, animated etc.. Just vote and help other fans to vote by installing the widget on your social networking sites. This is a good way for our kids to vote for their favorite star.

The widget is marketed by Yovia, which is a vibrant community of more than 159,000 people around the globe and growing every minute. This voting system is based on peoples own choices and the best kid will surely win.



Monday, March 23, 2009

myspace comments
I found a sweet poem on my walk around the web and want to dedicate it to all the lovers in the world. Love is precious, unconditional and that's what keeps the world going. I hope the new blog i'm creating which is about LOVE- and emotions behind it, brings happiness to the readers. There will be lots of poems, lyrics, articles and the special thing will be that anyone will be allowed to contribute their own feelings, thoughts and dedications on the blog, which is great i think!! The dedication section will always be a part of the blog and remain there forever. Just like you carve a heart on a tree, or you tattoo your lovers name, this might not be as powerful as reality yet you know that somewhere you have left a true dedication in your lover’s name, on the web!

I want to say, i am in love with the word love itself! Even as a kid i dreamed of princes riding on horses (my price charming) hehe... and imagined myself as cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty, and in all the love stories i've even known :) I guess every little girl loves to dream and the dreams never fade or dies, it continues... even Rose Dawson loved, moved on with Jacks love in her heart, and loved him till she was grown old!

I know love applies to various emotions, affections, sentiments, passions... but right now am dedicating this poem to all the lovers in the world! There is no special day to show love :)

Now for the poem- Awoke in love

My friend once told me
Love is like a dream

Strewn rose petal pathways
And sand soft as cream

Blue green meadows
Sprinkled with dew

Whispering winds
That whisper How d'ya do's?

Tall oaks with plain shade
But enchanted lullaby's

Fruit full of flavor
Cornstalks and fireflies

I said plainly,
Tis truly a lie!

Till he picked me up gently
And we flew to the sky

I flew with him til
My cheeks were bright as day

When the moon came up slowly
The stars shooed the sun away

And soft as a breeze
My heart did flutter

When I stepped in the ocean
And slipped like as butter

For I fell in a reverie
Full of pixies and such

When Love did talk to me
And whispered, I love you this much.

I love you like cherries
That burst in your mouth,

I love you like wisteria
That blossom down South,

I love you like dolphins
Love to jump free,

I love you like tall pine
So high beyond that you can see,

I love you like a mountain
Loves to drink from the sky,

I love you as sweet gentle truth
That betrays the worst lie.

visit me again, i have lots for you!!

But as I crossed
The green hills so favored

It is that moment in choice
I will forever savor,

For as I awoke
In the morning divine

I saw all the beauties
In the bright sunshine

I awoke in love
And as I turned around

It was to see a smile
I have yet not found

For as love is as mystical
As mystical can be

It is my dream pleasant
That forever belongs to me.

visit me again, i have lots more :-)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have been touched by a 12 year old girl named Lena who wasn’t even 7 when she sang her first song in front of a crowd and got rave reviews. The song was of the national anthem. Lena has even recorded covers of popular hits and she recently began writing music too. The young girls is appreciated by mothers like us who have begun to admire Lena for working hard on her talents, and recently she also proved she can live her dream by releasing her first original composition, "Framed", which she wrote in collaboration with Kosta Lois, a veteran Hollywood music composer and producer. This is how Lena made us all realize that we all have talents but we have to look within ourselves and work towards our goal. Lena loves singing and her passion is for singing and performing. She has taken interest to follow in the footsteps of all her favorite bands. So help lena follow her dreams and pread the word about her.

Ive been a member of my space and have heard her music on her profile at Lena's myspace page and will surly support her in every way i can. The same should be with all the parents across the world, support Lena’s talent. Let us also encourage our little ones to work hard and success will follow even at a young age. Give as much of support you can, to your little ones, and give the world more talented youngsters.


So i finally got the whole "buy nisha a cup of coffee" code rightly pasted into my templates html. Not that i've never got it right before but when i had changed templates few months ago, i deleted it and never had it up on my blog again.

Well my main intention is to help those who don't know how to get the code up on their blogs, and i guess many bloggers would love to have this below their posts and be love and appreciated for the hard work they put into their blogs. Its very simple to do it, and with just a tiny knowledge of html you can do it on your own.

But just to make it more simple for you, here's the code below!

When you login to edit your html on the template page, check the box near the term 'Expand Widget Templates' and search for this line below-

Just after this line paste this code-

Then change the TEXT in CAPITAL LETTERS in accordance to your pay pal email, name, change beer to your likes, and hit save template!

If you face some problem, don't hesitate to call on me :-)

Doesn't the steaming cup of hot coffee make you wanna share some with me.. hehe.. i guess you might just want to buy me a coffee too.. while am spreading love around the world :-)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Read the story at my celebrity blog- Hollywood Bollywood Buzz

Can you digest this? This dude has this USB fixed into his amputated finger.. quite weird and interesting.. Read the rest of the story Here

Courtesy Stuff

Courtesy The telegraph

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Natural cleaning products take on a huge role in providing safety measures for our earths environment. Going green is the latest trend looked into with great interest and admiration by ordinary people and even our celebrities, that they're nowadays opting for organic cleaning rust removal products to clean rust off their vehicles, tools, and other metal surfaces. These rust removal products come minus the harmful chemicals that cause cancer and allergies. Along with these health advantages, you can also save on money if case you dont want to buy the product- as vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda work as an alternative and they can be got from your kitchen itself.

The rust removal product rusterizer is 100% organic, in a one-gallon container. It is environmentally friendly and naturally removes rust without having to scrub your surface. The rusterizer, works with a special formula with natural abilities to removes rust from your garden porch and other garden tools without causing harm or killing plants. Unlike other commercial products which are reported to harm plants and animals. Go green, and save our environment.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Juliets balcony

Recently came across this piece of news which reported couples can now have themselves married on the balcony of Verona where Juliet called for her lover, Romeo. The move, could make the part of Italy a world famous wedding capital and tourist/weddings packages will be offered just like in La's Vegas. "Its a way of using the city's heritage to boost tourism" claims the councilor for tourism.

Those that wish getting hitched in the very same courtyard where once, Romeo wooed his lover Juliet, will have a price to pay. The privilege wont come cheap, but that's where those in hopes of getting lucky in love will flock to.. Price for Britons and other EU nations is will be charged 800 euros, and couples from out side the Eu will be charged a 1,000 euros! locals can pay as cheap as 6000 euros, still 100 euros less of ordinary marriages certificates in Italy.

Graffiti on Juliets balcony

This balcony is known as standing tall right from the 14th century which was Juliet's home, or possibly used as one of the capulates in Shakespeare's play and had to be closed a year ago to be cleaned of gum and graffiti left by the tourists on its walls.

"Sposami a Verona" Marry Me in Verona- that's what the whole plan to be hit off very soon is called. Accordingly to Shakespeare, the building belonged to the Cappellos- the Capulet's in play, who were believably juliet's family. However, historians claim authenticity to support the theory.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Gone are the days when blogging was used as a platform for leisure. Since the fall of jobs around the world, i have noticed the large number of Internet users turning to blogging as one of the multiple streams of online income. This is a pretty profitable business once you know the tricks of the trade and carve a niche for yourself in the blogosphere. Though the possibilities to make money online are endless, blogging has been one of the top most and easiest ways to earn without having to stress yourself about time and money. Its free to make money blogging because you don't need to spend a penny on investments.

Three ways to help bloggers make money online by writing reviews for advertiser’s products.

1.First step- Sign up on any free blogging resource and write about what you feel- you personal life, your perceptions, your opinions and utilize it to convey your heart to the world. With some hard work and determination on your blog, soon you can conveniently start to make money online within the warmth of your own home.

-Marketing your blog through various methods is very important in order to drive lots of traffic to your blog because unless your blog is visible/indexed on search engines like google, no body will know your blog exists and no one will turn up to read it. You ought to be yourself, stick by your own opinions and don't copy content. Chances are there that your blog will be approved by most paid to review sites.

2.Sign up at where opportunities are available in numbers for you and write your honest feedback about the products you like.

-For bloggers- advertisers love bloggers to write about their products because they write positive yet honest opinions, which matter a lot to the advertisers and the bloggers can be making $$$$ within the reach of your mouse. Just as the folks at say, the skies the limit.. Isn’t this what makes your imaginations soar?

-For advertisers- here is where you will soon find the best of the lot, those that are already well established in the blogger world, and am sure here is where your expectations will definitely be met. Sign up to create your advertisements soon!

3.Bloggers can also sign up as an affiliate on, where, when your friend or anyone signs up under your reference you will be paid an amount on the basis of commissions. So, all the best to those starting out..

Though i remained glued to the TV throughout the season of awards but didn't get the chance to watch any of them live, so just watched it over the news. Slum Dog Millionaire came as a shock to me for sure, because to me what seemed just an average movie, contributed to India's pride today. Everyone was overjoyed when the Slum Dog team were winners of specific categories, and it was the day the Indians anticipated with all theirs hearts when the nominations were announced. Of course, we are proud to have great musicians and lyricists(great talent).. and everywhere across the nation, headlines flashed, "India's first Oscar" "Rahman creates history" and it was true that India's awakening desire had come true..

My point of view, which is too late to mention about i know, but its just mine.. and it is that the movie was directed by an international director which makes the film a Hollywood and not a Bollywood flick. I guess, i just tried to figure out few main reasons which could have contributed towards the films award, i mean several awards, because it wasn't nominated in a foreign category but instead it was a very different Hollywood film compared to the usual ones. It was so very obvious the international audience got to watch something they hadn't watched before, like Indian masala.. they liked it, and the movie was a hit!! They even liked the music which is not so Hollywood, because you don't get to see dancing and singing in Hollywood.. more over, an insight into India's slums.. who wouldn't get teary eyed at such an emotional storyline.. All these ingredients cooked into one meal caused the endless possibilities that make Slum Dog Millionaire invincible!

Coming up(from time to time)- more of my takes on the film and its stars..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My daily rants have been quite on focus these days, finding out time to jot down anything that catches my sight, and i come across Rahul's Blogs on my screen! An author whose sense of chilling out is highly addicting by his fellow bloggers, and why not, his ramblings are dug out of this beautiful world where cricket, calcutta and the world are intense passions for him along with his love for techie stuff, music and photography on which he shares his views and opinions.

His belief being simplicity, sincerity and his dedication can be easily viewed throughout his blog. I was flowed over by the cute birdie post which has pictures of the bird that fell from its nest into his home! I think its a sparrow, Rahul, i mean i'm somewhat familiar with sparrows falling from nests too.. hehe.. and so here's Rahuls zone for you, where harmony prevails :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today, i finally got time to change the 'anonymously' being shown, to 'publicly' being shown settings of my friend connect so that i'll be able to be viewed as ‘Nisha’, and not like an invading alien.. hehe, so if you noticed friends, am there now as nisha, and my display picture is of a baby in green which is actually my little Baby of two years, Alisha. Ahh!.. You all know her :).. The thing is that google has solved an issue i was confused about and it hepled save so much time. When i logged into my dashboard to change the settings i was excited to spy upon a link which i read as something like ‘do you want be a follower on your friend connect widgets publicly? and I was like... oh, thank god! I clicked on that and got what you are viewing in the image below! Hehe... luckly i didn’t have to go about them one by one as i've written about how Following a blog with google connect allows more exposure to your sites..

The beneficial fact about this widget is that your friends now can now have access to all the social networking sites your a member of, including orkut!! and you get to choose which of them can.. change then all in one go, if you haven't yet!

I have come across several website/blog owners who complain about their sites host giving up on them, and leaving them in a dilemma as to which best host would they turn to... the one that would have every solution built in, with enough disk space, bandwidth etc.. These bandwidth problems have been faced by a great number of site owners, causing their sites to remain down for days until a trustful webhosting was found.

The folks at have listed up a good amount of the world’s best web hosting providers, along with real client reviews of reliable providers at an affordable $10 month! Not satisfied, you will be refunded your money as part of the 30 day money back guarantee which i doubt you will need to. On the homepage itself, a neatly designed layout greets you with the rankings/ratings/features/reviews of the best web hosting services. Apart from the best awarded programs of 2008, the folks also enlighten you with everything needed to know about web hosting... and am sure its without doubt one of the best sites from where by the time you've left them, would have attained that much of knowledge to create your own website on web hosting!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Holi festival is is on the 11th of march 2009. You maybe wondering what is HOLI??? its the festival of colors celebrated in India, and is the festival of the Hindus.. i'm not a Hindu, but a catholic Muslim, which is why am not too completely familiar with why exactly the festival is celebrated but you can find out the history of holi from Here.. and lots more, like how is it traditionally celebrated. I do watch our community gatherings where the people indulge themselves into the music, feasts, drinks and pranks.. People, elders, youngsters and kids are seen spraying colorful water on each other with water guns, bombarding each other with water balloons, and oh, colored power is also literally smeared into the skin.. and takes days to fade off.. but its fun!! When the day is over and people get back to normal life.. its funny to see them wearing skin mixed with patches of red, pink, green, yellow.. hehe.. The people also drench themselves in the water, and dance away merrily to the sounds of drum beats drinking something which is called 'thandai'.

I used to play it as a kid, not anymore, since mostly the day of holi falls on the season of lent, our holy month of penance and fasting, 40 days before Easter. My family was strict on that :) This rings a bell! i am already excited about good friday and Easter :) My elder son, Aryan(8yrs) loves playing holi with his friends and i am not against it, but yes, his father does object to it being a Muslim.

Friends, protect your kids and babies from the harmful toxic colors and try and use natural colors.. and have a safe and 'Happy Holi' :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today is International women's day, the celebration of women hood.. The perfect time to pay tribute to the strength, versatility and emotions of a woman, and so i would like to wish all the women in the world a very 'Happy Woman's Day'. As women, we are proud to be playing the role of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother and the strength of the opp gender.. the strength of all mankind.

If you take time out to ponder, On one hand we talk about women achievers and associate the day with successful women.. but on the other hand, even today, woman are one of the worst sufferers in the world whose rights are still suppressed by woman dominating countries. Sometimes i wonder must we only speak exceptionally about the women who have achieved success and accomplished in life.. or those who have contributed to humanity.. I believe, every woman, no matter what role she plays in the world is an achiever in her own way. On this special day, every year, woman's organizations worldwide should take up steps to improve women's standard of living and her rights.. this way, am sure every year will be a better year for hopeful woman longing for a ray of light. We mustn't 'Only' adore our women idols but 'also' attempt to live them.. and also let us all get together and reach out to all the women who are unheard.

Below are the women who i've admired all my life, and some, from the time i've known them.. They dwell deep in my heart and i see myself in them, sometimes even living their lives in my dreams and imaginations.. so who is your woman idol? am eager to know :)

My beloved Mother- She's the greatest woman i've ever known, and i deeply cherish the tender loving words and care she bestowed upon us, as kids.. love you mummy :)

The motherly figure, Mother Teresa- Shes the mother of my city, and the world.. i've seen her many times but i wished i had met her personally, for once.. shes still there in our hearts, always will.

The beautiful Princess Diana- I remember going through papers and books about her before and after her wedding and would imitate her style, even as a 6 year old.. and i loved living my life as her, a princess, in my imaginations.. :) shes always in our hearts, forever.

The talented Nicole kidman- I saw most of her movies and still try to watch them.. b'coz shes my favorite Hollywood celebrity. I just admire the way she talks and everything about her.

The sensational Madhuri Dikshit- I get pepped up whenever i watch her movies. I admire her acting abilities and especially the dancer in her.. Shes my all time, Bollywood favorite celebrity.

The melodious Celine Dion- Oh, i love her music! i live, eat, sleep her music.. and play it everyday! i also admire the devoted, singer, wife and mother in her.

Dont forget to leave me your favorite woman idol in the comment box below :)

Had i not been a housewife, i'd be an interior decorator or an artist for sure, because my passion lies in creativity and my ultimate purpose on earth would be to dress up beautiful rooms with elegant furniture but not without drapery with beautiful floor and wall carpets.

Well now since my passions are engaged, i'll think of doing a makeover of my home, once we are moved to new location in a week. But how lucky would i be if i lived in a land far off, where lies The Shade Store. Free samples of your choice shades are sent out like hot cakes! and a winter sale going on..

Perfect design and matching products, with their Eco-Solar Shades are environmentally friendly and they conserve energy which saves you money. These Solar Shades absorb heat, protect interiors from harmful UV Rays and reduce glare, while maintaining your view. The materials are 100% recyclable and GreenGuard Certified.



There has been some terrible power cuts in my city during the past few days. I don't understand what we are thought as, even animals shouldn't be treated in the heat, in this manner. The matter has to be taken into consideration and if there is some maintenance to be carried out they should immediately get to work, or else.. imagine the students whose exams are underway, studying with dim candle lights around them and babies suffocating.. we'll all sweat out our lives!

Last night i could hear babies howling their lungs out and mothers trying to cajole them. It was even my baby who loves watching tele till she rocks off to sleep, troubling me with the worlds winces and cries.. Usually there used to be durations of one or two hours of power cuts, but last night was limits! Imagine, from right to in darkness and heat? i mean, many weren't prepared for it.. like me!

My hubby and son for some reason stayed back at my laws, and me being alone, it was not only a hot night but a very scary one too!! hehe.. am afraid of ghosts and who isnt afraid when alone? But i was more horrified last night especially because i had watched a horror flick on tele minutes before the lights went out! oh god! i prayed, let me be safe.. but am more afraid of humans so let me be more safe from them first! haha

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Google friend connect widget
Am back online and trying to figure out the newest on the web.. and blogging and blog hopping have taken over my mind yet again. I had noticed i wasn't been showing as a follower on the blogs i was already following and it confused me for sure, but it didn't strike a bit that it was part of the newest updates by Google, introduced as Google friend connect. Its just that the previous follow blog widget has been replaced by the new friend connect widget with lots of new and improved features. I still wouldn't have known am actually following blogs anonymously and not publicly, if it hadn't been for raj who'd alerted me on that! Of course it bothered him just as it would, to me :).. Thanks raj, your a sweet buddy :)

Follow blog widget
Bloggers, its important to know if you're following a blog publicly, it means your image and profile link will appear on the friend connect widget and are being exposed to everyone visiting the specific site.. and its not the same if you follow blogs anonymously. You will still be subscribed to updates for the blog and can view them on your dashboard. The problem here is since the replacement, one 'must' change the anonymous option to the follow publicly option you will find on your dashboard, right below the list of blogs you follow. I don't know if there's a way to do it all at once!! for now i've got to do it one by one. If someone does know, leave a comment please. BTW, its a great way to connect with others and gain more exposure to your blogs. So don't forget to follow my blog too.. and come back for lots more :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When darkness prevails, it corners you, and even a tiny speck of light doesn't seem to come into sight... but that's when one has to deliberately break through all barriers, and struggle to live on.. and this was exactly why i was away since the past one and a half month.. Glad i've overcome all the obstacles and back here over to my dreamy, yet real world!!

I was under medication for an almost broken back, and some internal bleeding which started out because of a cold and cough.. and fever didn't mind accompanying, too. My lungs still seem sore and the uterus, too.. Of course am still advised rest but since I've rested enough its time am back here, as i miss everyone terribly. I didn’t have access to net more than a month and no posts were up to.. so can imagine how many times ive died missing my baby blog and everyone too. I wouldn't like to remember the difficult days and neither make it sound disheartening to my readers and so i rather joke on it :)

Doc chalked out a healthy diet to be taken daily till am fit as a fiddle, and i take the blame completely for self negligence and lack of sleep, and wrong food habits. Moms also got a life.. its so important to stay fit and meditation plays an important role in our lives which helps us clear out our minds in order to remain cool through any difficulties, and I realized this while i was away on my sickly trip.. haha.. i prefer to use these words as away from my blog, felt like a vacation away from home!

Back here, wont do me any harm and am thanking my lucky stars that i've made it back :) i'll be also taking the amount of rest needed while i go about blogging.. no worries for me, just need some support as you've always given me friends :) thanks to all of you for being there.. especially bludedude, bluedreamer, liza, syari, azzlyn, lalaine, waliz, raj, coolingstar, lilyruth, nancy, nihal, purplefrog and many others.. love you all :)

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