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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Google friend connect widget
Am back online and trying to figure out the newest on the web.. and blogging and blog hopping have taken over my mind yet again. I had noticed i wasn't been showing as a follower on the blogs i was already following and it confused me for sure, but it didn't strike a bit that it was part of the newest updates by Google, introduced as Google friend connect. Its just that the previous follow blog widget has been replaced by the new friend connect widget with lots of new and improved features. I still wouldn't have known am actually following blogs anonymously and not publicly, if it hadn't been for raj who'd alerted me on that! Of course it bothered him just as it would, to me :).. Thanks raj, your a sweet buddy :)

Follow blog widget
Bloggers, its important to know if you're following a blog publicly, it means your image and profile link will appear on the friend connect widget and are being exposed to everyone visiting the specific site.. and its not the same if you follow blogs anonymously. You will still be subscribed to updates for the blog and can view them on your dashboard. The problem here is since the replacement, one 'must' change the anonymous option to the follow publicly option you will find on your dashboard, right below the list of blogs you follow. I don't know if there's a way to do it all at once!! for now i've got to do it one by one. If someone does know, leave a comment please. BTW, its a great way to connect with others and gain more exposure to your blogs. So don't forget to follow my blog too.. and come back for lots more :)


  1. Bluedreamer said...
    hello nisha oh yeah thats true thats why im doing it now hehe
    thanks for the tips
    and have a great day to you my friend
    nisha said...
    yeah blue.. i am also doing the same.. thanks for following me buddy :)
    Sammy.. said...
    Hii Nisha, I'm sorry about that, actually i had a few problems with Blogger yesterday.
    I've added this blog in my BLOG ROLL

    Sorry about that once again.
    nisha said...
    Hi sammy.. no problems about that.. when your adding me, just let me know so that i can add you back too :)

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