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Friday, March 13, 2009

Gone are the days when blogging was used as a platform for leisure. Since the fall of jobs around the world, i have noticed the large number of Internet users turning to blogging as one of the multiple streams of online income. This is a pretty profitable business once you know the tricks of the trade and carve a niche for yourself in the blogosphere. Though the possibilities to make money online are endless, blogging has been one of the top most and easiest ways to earn without having to stress yourself about time and money. Its free to make money blogging because you don't need to spend a penny on investments.

Three ways to help bloggers make money online by writing reviews for advertiser’s products.

1.First step- Sign up on any free blogging resource and write about what you feel- you personal life, your perceptions, your opinions and utilize it to convey your heart to the world. With some hard work and determination on your blog, soon you can conveniently start to make money online within the warmth of your own home.

-Marketing your blog through various methods is very important in order to drive lots of traffic to your blog because unless your blog is visible/indexed on search engines like google, no body will know your blog exists and no one will turn up to read it. You ought to be yourself, stick by your own opinions and don't copy content. Chances are there that your blog will be approved by most paid to review sites.

2.Sign up at where opportunities are available in numbers for you and write your honest feedback about the products you like.

-For bloggers- advertisers love bloggers to write about their products because they write positive yet honest opinions, which matter a lot to the advertisers and the bloggers can be making $$$$ within the reach of your mouse. Just as the folks at say, the skies the limit.. Isn’t this what makes your imaginations soar?

-For advertisers- here is where you will soon find the best of the lot, those that are already well established in the blogger world, and am sure here is where your expectations will definitely be met. Sign up to create your advertisements soon!

3.Bloggers can also sign up as an affiliate on, where, when your friend or anyone signs up under your reference you will be paid an amount on the basis of commissions. So, all the best to those starting out..


  1. AllenSentance said...
    Hello Nisha,
    This is a great blog , as an avid blogger myself I can appreciate the work and effort you have put into this blog. Also very informative and I will be following you now with great interest. I was fortunate enough to be in Perth last weekend at an internet seminar and workshop, you have a nice city there. is good...

    Allen Sentance
    nisha said...
    Thanks a million, Allen, for coming over to my humble blog.. its a pleasure to have you here and appreciating the work i've done.. i will be visiting your blog ASAP :)
    Enchie said...
    have a great time and enjoy this new venture on blogging :)

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