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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have to say with a tearful heart i missed everyone so much while i was away not doing so well on my blog since months.. i had to give priority to family and my toddler, and moms of toddlers know how important it is to give every minute to their children at this stage :-).. Today i feel saddened to remember the old friends i had, when i first joined here in 2007. These friends haven't been active or quit blogging for some reason or the other. Everybody has to move on in life and i guess these ambitious bloggers too, have something to accomplish before they're back. But they remain in our hearts always.. :-)

The award to be given to my newest and special friends, coming up in a few posts from now :-)

Waliz- the young lady who was always friendly and supportive of me and other friends.. i remember when she was presented with the special award i created only for her, she was overjoyed and insisted i be the first one to honor her with the award on the 1'st of jan 2008!! that was touching to the core, and before that we had already shared tags, awards and a very close friendship too. The award isn't available because i removed the image accidentally from its place and ill put it back here within a few days :-)

Sweetiepie- was always supportive, a very sweet friend, and mother who wrote about her very adorable kids. During my disheartening moments when i couldn't be active on my blog, she used to give great comfort with her soothing words by saying not to worry and the friends would always be there, and that family is also important to be taken care of. I had thought she had quit too, but was happy to know she's very much blogging even now when i stumbled across her new domain two days ago!!

Ayush- whose blog isnt online anymore but those who know him, am sure they'll agree he was a very ambitious young guy, very popular in the blogosphere. The days i began my journey towards blogging, he was every step of the way, helping me with things i wasn't aware of in the blogosphere. I was lucky to have a friend like him.

Dann- was one of the sweetest and friendliest guys out here who never ever forgot to leave me a comment daily even if by chance i couldn't post or turn up at his blog, yet he never failed to show love to me and other friends, his blog itself at 'love hub' showed how lovable he was himself.

I wish those above, and also others who i've known, are back to blogging soon! miss them so much.. :-)

Miss you too- Mr-viruz, raaji, nihal, mica, faizal, ali, aunt nora. azzlynn, lalaine, and others..


  1. coolingstar9 said...
    I fully understand your feeling.
    I still around to give you strength.
    Yes, life is great.
    Be happy.
    Liza said...
    I feel for you sis. But I hope this one makes you feel better. See yah.
    nisha said...
    Thanks so much cooking star.. always a supportive friend :-)
    nisha said...
    Liza.. thanks so much.. always a wonderful sister and friend.. :-)

    I'm always blessed with your comments and you, yourself, have motivated me in many ways :-)

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